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Will Pats Trade UP?

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    Re: Will Pats Trade UP?

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         Here's some thoughts on whether a team should trade up:
    Posted by TexasPat3

    That writer is kind of ridiculous. It's nice to know that even though we have some bad beat writers the Jests have worse ones.

    Really? You should only trade up for a player that is worth it? Wow - revelation! I don't think any GM goes into a draft and trades up when they think that the player isn't going to be worth it. So is he claiming that the team needs to do better scouting? That makes sense, but he doesn't come out and say that.

    Go Pats
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    Re: Will Pats Trade UP?

    Barron won't make it past Cincinnati. I see them taking Barron and Gilmore if their available.
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    Re: Will Pats Trade UP?

    Why trade up in the draft when I think McCourty played great at safty at the end of the year and in the playoffs. Plus Arrington has improved as a corner year by year, and Moore played solid since given the starting spot. Plus, you have Dowling returning. They need to address both the D-line and O-line early in the draft. If the draft anyone in the secondary it should be in the later rounds.

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    Re: Will Pats Trade UP?

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    In Response to Re: Will Pats Trade UP? : Offense verses Defense players, In all but the final round?  Brown hair?  Maybe this is just not complicated to me...  Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium
    It sounds like your trying to suggest the Pats don't draft defensive players. 2011- 6O 3D 2010- 6O 5D 1ST 2009- 4O 6D 1ST 2008- 2O 5D 2007- 4O 5D 22 offense vs 24 defense. Or by The early rounds. Round 1- 1O 3D Round 2- 3O 7D 4 offensive players and 10 defensive players in the last 5 years through the first 2 rounds. The total difference is minuscule, and they clearly favored defensive players with their top picks. TP is right, you can say they didn't pick the right layers but you can't say they haven't picked players for defense.
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    Re: Will Pats Trade UP?

    Dont know why it would cost a "bunch" to call seattle and tell them  ill give you both #1's and i get your 1st and 2nd (even if next year) but hoefully this year,,and draft Barron (if bb likes him)..... Time to add potential stars to team and change to an aggressive defense instead of being passive....
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    Re: Will Pats Trade UP?

         After doing several mock drafts, with my final mock coming soon, it appears that the Pats would be foolish to trade up in this particular draft. There are very few blue-chippers...and lots of value in the last first to second round. Here's a pretty accurate article on who the Pats will end up with:
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    Re: Will Pats Trade UP?

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    Tex, "In 2009, BB passed up OLB Clay Matthews. But, in return, he received a bevy of draft choices. One of these choices was flipped to land all-world TE Rob Gronkowski. Gronk arguably is a better player than Matthews. He went on to draft SS Patrick Chung at #34, DT Ron Brace at #40, and CB Darius Butler at #41" You almost had me until this. PLEASE don't tell me that you'd rather have Gronk on the roster than Matthews, who has panned out pretty much exactly as projected. Gronk's a nice addition, but somehow the Pats' still were able to turn the scoreboard into a Vegas slot machine before he got here. Ah, but the defense has been questionable for several years now. Plus, Chung, Butler,a dn Brace have all failed to live up to expectations. None of them will ever be confused with being All Pro. So, you have numbers instead of the stud that will actually improve your team dramatically.  BB's proven that his only 1st round moves are either down or out. Moving up in the draft is against everything holy and pure in his world.  Applying the Manning/Colt Theory which we have long and repeatedly expoused here, winning 12-14 games a season means absolutely nothing, if teh end result is another non-SB winning season. All it means it that MAYBE (think NY JESTS!)they will have one more playoff stop before losing in the SB.  It's like NE has turned into Ponyland East.   It's STILL time to address the real needs insteadof stockpiling. I've been asking now for several off seasons: just WHAT is he stockpiling draft choices for? Actual use, or as more pawns in playing a draft game that never seems to end with him? Posted by AZPAT
    Pretty sure nearly everyone would take Gronk over Matthews if you asked around the NFL. Matthews had a good 2010 he was mediocre last year, and though he's considered a good LBer he's certainly not top three. Gronk on the other hand is widely considered the best TE in the NFL, and is making a case for the HOF two years into his career. Your stockpiling draft picks theory doesn't really hold any water unless the Pats weren't actually picking players. Over the years they have acquired 3 more first rounders than they've earned and several second rounders. This has allowed their position to be higher than what they've been given (hint- the Pats did not earn the seventeenth pick last year, they didnt earn the 27th this year, they didn't earn the 10th in 08, so on and so forth). So your position that the picks should just use what they're given and draft later in the round makes no sense. I know the Patriots haven't won the SB in a few years and that is very inconvenient for you but you come across like a child who didn't get his favorite toy and you're throwing a tantrum and you hate everyone. Well, grow up and get over it, sometimes you don't get your way.