Its funny how the Saints and CHEATING COLTS are striving towards an undefeated regular season and we don't see teams talking sht about how they're going to play them like its their "superbowl", bringing the house down to win and knock them off their high horse, I have yet to see teams play their best vs these 2 teams to knock them off. Back in 07, all these Frauds were lining up to be the one to knock off the Patriots and make a statement and get recognization for it. They pulled out every little tricks, wrinkles and schemes to win. Some played the best football they ever played but went back to their pathetic selves the next game. What is it about the Patriots that has these FRAUDS all riled up.

You remember how the Ravens played vs the Pats in 07, they were having a bad year, not playing like the Ravens we've known. And when it came time to play the Pats, they were the Ravens of the superbowl years, they brought the house down, went after Brady like he held their mothers for ransom. The stadium was a sold out with fans cheering loud and wanting blood. Will they bring the house down to knock off the Cheating Colts, will they go after Manning like they went after Brady, I have a feeling that they won't. It'll be just another game for them and id go as far to say that these losers would probably not play their best game to Upset the Colts so they don't hurt their feelings. The Colts are so adorable, they're the modeled franchise of the league, they would be the ideal team to go undefeated and everybody would applaud them for it and they keep fcking every team up the azz with their Pass Inteference calling Refs. Is Ray Lewis going to act like he is possessed by the Devil and do his pre game routine and tell his defensive boys that peyton manning is the devil and that he must be killed. 

The Colts to me are CHEATING FRAUDS. They CHEAT during their home games vs opposing teams by crippling them with penalties. The Texans had them against the ropes and was ready to knock them off, it would've been an embarassment. Nothing like having the refs picked by your team owner, who's on the competition committee, to stop it. Texans were hit with 10 flags for 100+ yards, a touchdown in the endzone overturned in favor of the Colts, meanwhile the Colts only got 4 flags for 40 yards. Patriots, 2 Pass Inrteferrence flags helping the Colts to the endzone, 1 hold and 1 Unsportsmanlike conduct Flag.

I don't trust the Ravens to go do their jobs because of this lovefest with peyton manning and their FRAUDULENT CHEATING TEAM. Watch the Ravens get hit with some Pass Inteference Calls, (yes Bill Pollians Refs travel to other stadiums). Are they going to complain afterwards, and say that the league want the Colts to go undefeated, like they did against the Pats. I bet you they'll praise peyton manning afterwards and say stupid sht like, "...oh yeah he's a great player, he's peyton manning you know, we knew he was going to play like he did today, throwing for 500 yards and there's nothing we could've done about it. best luck to them if they run the table, they'll deserve it..."