They say when you win, your mistakes arent noticed. Meanwhile, when you lost, your good points are not noticed.

Overall, the Patriots did not play that bad against the Ravens. The defense blew some plays for sure, but overall.. given how bad the Raven starting position was and how long they were on the field, I didnt think the D did that bad.

The Pats running game and OLine were not that bad either. I think, good enough to have won.

This game was about 1 fumble and 3 interceptions by Brady. If those mistakes didnt happen, I say the Patriots could have won this game. This loss does not point to a complete organizational failure. There were quite a few good plays by the Pats. But this is all hidden.. by the fact that they loss.

For whatever reason, Tom Brady had one of the poorest showings any professional QB has ever had in a playoff game. Its all about Tom, this time. Im not saying he didnt care, or didnt practice, or that he wasnt tough. But he stunk so bad, that is why they loss. The Pats might have actually played better with Hoyer as the QB.

Anyways, my fellow Pat fans, thats all there is to it. Not much else to say. Stop ripping BB, or Moss, or the linebackers, or Kaczur, or Light, or Maroney. This one is on Brady, the man who lifted us to three Superbowls. I think Brady's future is much less certain than anyone wants to accept. And if things dont change, there is no hope of the Pats winning another SB. Will Brady be the 40 year old dynamo that Favre or Warner are? I dunno, we'll see. Lets wish him all the best.