oops.. forgot "NOT"...Revis, Jared Allen + bringing back Talib+Edelman at the least SHOULD ALL easily B ON THE TABLE.

so many different cap numbers out there. but tom e. curran swears by this guy, made me check him out. just listened to the archive iof some of the best radio ever with curran, holley and the incomparable Kirk minihan all together with salkey away on salk and holley. as it is esp without having to pay out full incentives to the likes of talib and vollmer, we are at least at $16m! if u restructure vince, mankins and ghost that frees up big time $ plus if u cut dead weight like isaac s or even tommy kelly and dan the connelley, u easily get to my high deadweight number from the intro.


the race doesnt always go to the fast, quickest or biggest but thats the way to bet. we need mega-TALENT on d! save on the sidney rices of the world or macklin but bust out the big wads for the likes of jared allen. the man's worse seaon he had  8 sacks , only time under 10.. think about that. plus only has missed 3 games, thats 3.. in his entire CAREER! PLUS HE'S "CHEAP", ONLY ASKING FOR 5-6M!