With the first round picks the Pats

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    Re: With the first round picks the Pats

    If that's what you're thinking you might have to swap them. Pouncey isn't suppose to go until the late 1st and Carimi can go anywhere from 15-32.

    As far as the Vet RB we can bring one in just from the savings of Taylor and Morris. Lights money is better suited to either resign him if thy don't feel there is a T worth taking or putting back in Mankins
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    Re: With the first round picks the Pats

    I like Cameri definatly but we can find a good gaurd in the middle rounds which trend shows in the last few drafts. maybe cameri's teamate john moffit in the 3rd round. We need to get a defensive player in the frist round our Ol was stellar at times. Our run defense was good but our dbacks who reciever to help in pressure got torched. I would be incline dto get a de because a 3-4 defense gets better with beasts up front. I would like waat,jordan,bailey,or possibly jared crick.
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    Re: With the first round picks the Pats

    The Pats have always gone for o-lineman in the middle round, and they really don't have an immediate pressing need to go higher than that. They have a good track record of developing o-lineman from the middle round. 
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    Re: With the first round picks the Pats

    We need to fill the 5 technique. If the situation presented itself on draft day , i would try and trade up for Marcell Dareus/Da'quan Bowers. Imagine that line w/ Fork/Warren. I love Spikes/Mayo in the middle even after a terrible game last week. I would like to see Mayo step it up just a little more. I need to see more than tackle , he has the ability to be a game changer. He needs to put together a consistant season of that type of play. Spikes is everything I thought he be. I wanted this kid and was screaming about him for almost two years. Both of these guys have the ability to be DPY. I love DMC and thought hed be as good as he was. Even though he had a terrible game last week ... oh yea everyone played like chit! Anyway I always said if Indy/Minne make that pick , everyone calls great pick. We make it and everyone has something to say. We need real help at S and need to get rid of Meriweather. this reminds me of Maroney/Watson all over again. He can do one thing like them and we wont give up on him. B/C that would mean admitting mistake. If we can get a Dareus/Bowers from 5-10 , i think we should.
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    Re: With the first round picks the Pats

    you have no clue what you are talking about.
    no way they go OL OL with the first 2 picks
    and Carimi is not a 'mauler like mankins'
    carimi is a stiff tackle and gonna be a bust
    and the versatility you covet with Pouncey is not significant, because he was a horrendous Center at the start of this season with florida so they moved him back to Guard.  

    i agree that they will get some O Lineman, probably with the Panthers pick in round 2.  I'd look for them to get Rodney Hudson from FSU, whom is the best Guard in the draft
    as far as the first 2 picks, i think they will take the best available player, really, we are just looking for upgrades at this point since there arent any real areas of concern.  its a good strategy if you can afford to do it.  
    my guess is that a player like JJ Watt will fall to us, and id love to see him in a pats uniform.  BB might be compelled to take Aldon Smith, the DE freak from Mizzou who would switch to OLB for us.  hes a pass rushing terror.  
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    Re: With the first round picks the Pats

    You think Meriweather is Maroney all over again? I don't follow. While I'm not a huge fan of Meriweather's, and I think he's one of those guys that has every tool imaginable to be a great player in this league, but he's at least got balls, which Maroney didn't have. Meriweather at least plays with some fire, and flashes brilliance at times. A success for Maroney would be a game which he averaged 5 YPC, and everyone would think he finally found it. Meriweather has at least been consistent in what he's given us every week. A few good plays, a few bad plays, and an occasional great play. Maroney would either show up, or he wouldn't. You could tell when Maroney was going to have a bad game after his first carry.
    I don't see the same bust out of Meriweather. Seeing as how coaches/players vote counts for 66% of the final tally for the Pro Bowl, contrary to popular belief, that means that other players and coaches think very highly of his ability.
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    Re: With the first round picks the Pats

    And MacCrawn,
    the Patriots develop mid-round OL well as fill-ins. Let's face it, other than Vollmer, Mankins and Connolly, this line is long in the tooth. Light, Koppen, Neal and Kaczur have all been around for quite some time, and will all be on the couch soon. While guys like Connolly and Wendell perform well as fill-ins in the midst of all the great players on that line, having a line full of guys like them would be chaos. I think Dante is one of the best OL coaches in the league for developing talent, but you have to give him something to work with. Their OL has allowed 13 sacks in their 3 postseason losses. That's not championship football, which the Patriots need to do while Brady is still playing at a high level.

    I tell you what, I wouldn't be against putting all my eggs in one basket in the draft, and loading one particular area of concern. By this, I mean picking up 2 DE's/1 OLB or 2 OLB's/1 DE with their first 3 picks. I wouldn't be against the Pats picking up 2 OL out of their first 3 picks, either.

    One thing Belichick doesn't bust on is OL and defensive players. It's pretty clear that, other than Gronkowski and Hernandez, that he is downright awful when it comes to selecting offensive skill players in high rounds.
    Chad Jackson
    Lawrence Maroney
    Ben Watson
    Bethel Johnson
    Brandon Tate is doubted by many (although I am not one of them)

    He's clearly not very good with corners, either, other than McCourty being an absolute gem. I don't think he could have predicted that either.
    Butler (gets beat, but it seems more like a confidence thing than it is a skills thing)

    Either Belichick's staff doesn't develop well here, or he doesn't recognize the talent when he sees it. I think it's the latter. He obviously has done well in FA with WR's and RB's, but he doesn't seem to develop talent. In all reality, Law-Firm doesn't have any talent other than straight line speed. He didn't need to be taught anything. He just runs as hard as he can where the whole is supposed to be, and I personally love that. Yes, he might not get the most out of every play, but he never gets less than what he should. And when you allow Brady to get in manageable situations on offense, you're in good shape.

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    Re: With the first round picks the Pats

    1st two picks .... based on reality of availablity:

    17. Cameron Jordan (DE)

    28. Justin Houston (OLB)

    OL with 33rd