Wolfork whinning?

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    Wolfork whinning?

    Poor Woolfork whining about how the fans booed them today. What did he expect them to do say great job guys way to put up a fight way to punch ray lewis in the balls. I mean really did you see anyone out there with any heart or passion? other than a couple guys like ettleman or faulk but after that they looked like a bunch of puss ies getting bi tch slapped around out there and woolfork had the nerve to whine about that? maybe if he and any of the other patsies that feel that way should have more passion about playing the game then be worried about getting booed!!! These over payed dumb a s s es have no fn clue anymore!!! Time to clean house.
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    Re: Wolfork whinning?

    NO, you have no clue...how to spell! Are you kidding me Ettleman, Woolfork, and those are the simple ones, lol! Yea fans had a right to boo, but he was touching on something bigger than today, about how Pats fans are a bunch of spoiled kitties! I live n die for Boston sports, Celt's, Pats, BC and BU, and B's most of all, today will hurt for a lil' while, but Im not saying fire BB, trade 12 and 81 like some of these losers. It kills me when my team sux it up like today, but Im not going to bitchnmoan like a 4 yr old. Ok this team is done for the year, were one of maybe 8-10 teams in all of sports that has a shot every year. And obvi. you are bandwagon-come along-bimbo because the Pats have only recent success of late. How good was this team during most of the 70-80-90's? This team deserves better, the fans at the stadium have been pathetic the past couple of years and like you must be front-runners. And woolfork over paid, by the way its Wilfork(not that hard) is one of the most underpaid pros there is. Hes a top 2-3 player at his position in the league and plays the most physical and toughest positions in the league. Consistently doubled teamed by guys weighing 300-330lbs on almost every play. Wow you sound dumb! But I bet you got wicked heaaahrt!