WORSE than Yankee fans?

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    Re: WORSE than Yankee fans?

    it is a: What have you done lately for me society.  And quite frankly BB and the Pats have done jack s hit the last four years.  The "team" thinks they can just get on a bus and show up....BB seems to think more about three years down the road than the game at teh end of jan begining of feb....yu know the game his team has yet to get to in the last four years.  The Pats have yet to get BETTER the last six years and it is showing.
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    Re: WORSE than Yankee fans?


    Your description will only be apt if most of the Pats' fans here were of the bandwagon variety.

    However, I believe that true Patriot fans will recognize that our team does have some major issues on both sides of the ball and - up to now - they have not been properly dealt with. Does this mean that we are going to discontinue to root for our team? Far from it.

    I would like to think that the hard-core fans who are regulars here meet the description made in the second paragraph and not the one in your title.

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    Re: WORSE than Yankee fans?

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    I never thought I'd see a more spoiled, short memory-filled bunch of ingrates and deserting rats than the Yankees fanbase, but Pats fans-at least the ones I see here-are giving them a run for their money! Maybe try and remember what Bellichick, Brady, et al have given you for the last decade or so before throwing them both on the scrap heap? Man, Yankees fans are THE w*nkers of the sports world but Pats fans are quickly closing the gap. Not exactly something to be proud of!
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    Quick question - while I agree that there are a bunch of pansies here, I would like to know if you took the fact that Leon is posting under several ids today?