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Worst officiating ever

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    Re: Worst officiating ever

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    the Pats deserved every one of the penalties on the defense.  but the refs let the ravens hold almost every play.

    Holding is one thing, but horse- collaring your man from behind is hard to miss. If we saw it on tv in real time, how could the officials miss it when they're standing right next to it?

    They're just not going to call it. Goodell's orders. This is what the pink hats don't. THey can't wait to hammer the D, but it's harder to play D in this day and age and easier to play offense because they don't call holding on the OL.

    But, wait, Gronk held that Ravens player!  lmao

    You know when the announcers go quiet on a replay, we have a problem.

    Just bumping this since it was the last meaningful post.

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    Re: Worst officiating ever

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    Yes, the officiating has been putrid---look at the call in the Detroit-Tennessee game,

    spotting the ball 12 yards ahead of where it was supposed to be,

    the fines levied on Coaches Fox and DelRio, and the replacements' total lack of knowledge

    of rules (five yards being tacked on at the end of an offside on a punt).

    These guys are in over their heads....however


    The biggest issue for the Patriots was the woeful play of their secondary, especially 

    Arrington and McCorty. The owners of the teams should be faulted along with Commissioner

    Goodell for their willingness to put forth an inferior product. I am very concerned about

    player safety. There have been some savage hits and players should be concerned

    about their physical safety. Once again, greed rules!

    I watched the Tennessee/Detroit game and the worst call was when a Tennessee

    fumble recovery of a completed Detroit pass was denied and Detroit tossed their Hail Mary on the next play to send the game into overtime.