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    Seriously, ANY one that says this " New England Defense=St!nks "...ahhh, yea.  Guys, NE by and large, "turned it off" after it was 31 Points Patriots to yes- 3 Points Bengals ...after this, I could really care less, unless there HAS to be due to sheer patheticness, some insane last minute drive by NE in order to seal the win for goood...and there didn't need to be, 'cause the game was decided already... ~ BUT , for argument's sake, IF you really NEED to look at precisely what The Patriots's Defense held The Bengals Offense to, throughout the ENTIRE and ALREADY decided Game...well:  The NE Defense held the alternate 2009 Pro-bowl RB, in Cedric Benson to 43 Total Rushing Yards throughout the entire game, AS Benson was running behind a 2009 Playoff Offensive Line with people like Andre Smith , Anthony Collins , Kyle Cook , Evan Mathis ,  Bobbie Williams and  Nate Livings manning that O-Line.....sheez. And Passing?  Lol...let's see:  Behind a Pro-Bowl Quarterback in Carson Palmer , who was throwin' the ball to Terrell -freakin'- Owens AND Chad -freakin'- Ocho -freakin'- Cinco AND, along with-A 1st Round TightEnd in this 2010 NFL Draft in Jermaine Gresham , AND, along with- a Top 10 2010 NFL Draft wideout in Jacoby Ford , NE's Defense held these 4 receivers to almost precisely 300 Total Yards on the day, with most of these coming again, AFTER the game was already decided...  Yea, NE's Defense really s#cked against this awful Bengals Offense.  WhatTH is WRONG with some of YOU?!?
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    Laz for president!

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    I think Chung should take over as the starting Strong Safety, and have Meriweather move over to Free Safety, which i have always thought would be the best position for him anyways.  
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    Not a bad defense yesterday. I can honestly say that I was a little bit concerned about the defense during the off season but watching them yesterday, they are much better than the Colts D.