WOW! never would have guessed this would b BRUSCH's fave PLAY as a PATRIOT!

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    Re: WOW! never would have guessed this would b BRUSCH's fave PLAY as a PATRIOT!

    In response to CommyContrarian's comment:

    WAS ON SALK AND HOLEY EARLIER THIS WEEK (JUST HEARD THE archive). WAS A THANKSGIVING game under parcells of all peeps. he was rushing against the lions, but had to make a quick adjustment on the fly and drop in coverage at a 45 degree angle. he does it and while shifting his weight back and on his man like a glove, pick off the venerable immortal JOEY HARRINGTON then shifts his weight forward and beats everyone to the end zone for a PICK SIX! for brew, it meant he had arrived and transitioned fully from a DE. he could rely on his instincts to read defenses and the subtleties. that play represented it all for him and transformed his career!

    even after the snarky salk took cheap shots for it was against joey, brew made it clear that it didnt matter for it was his smarts that made the play not the qb. said it was better than picking off Peyton or even jay fielder (his best foxboro moment).

    i have heard that Salk guy before-another d*ck with a big mouth and too much to say, very typical of the modern media/BSPN types that pollute the airwaves...who is some puss who talks into a mic for a living to talk **** about a play a pro athlete makes on the field? these yo babe I'm cool types all think they are comedians and too cool for the room

    I still say there should be one day a season where the jocks should be allowed to go after these wisea**es, punch them out, kick their A** good, really get to cow these nerds and trouble starters

    consider a National Holiday of sorts for pro athletes!