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Wow This NY owned paper makes me sick

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    Re: Wow This NY owned paper makes me sick

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    Hope the call out Cowher and other coaches.


    They won't.  The attraction is the fact BB still coaches. This is why all the former coaches were shocked and honest about their own actions.


    There was no advantage and video scouting by any team was never considered cheating either.

    Goodell made a mistake by leaking the tape to the public to allow the media to go beserk, using that to help (in his mind) make it a quick and sever punishment. I don't even think Goodell even know the depth of the jealousy by some teams and the disdain the media truly had/has for BB.

    That was the flaw. 

    Why didn't he deal with the Jets supposedly breakign the rule the year earlier in Foxborough? Could it be, the rule really wasn't broken/didn't need to be punished?

    Gee, people with IQ's over 100 think so.

    Miami in 2006. They used technology (purchased CBS audio - that in itself is sketchy. "purchased"? Who from CBS is providing the full feed to players?) to get Brady's audibles for the second game that year in 2006?

    21-0 Miami?  Really? Miami stunk, but a SB favorite NE couldn't score 1 measly FG? Hmm.

    Funny how when it favors the other team's future scouting, no one cares.  It was only when the Jets wanted to use it to their own advantage as a franchise, that the lies were spread and the poor leadership by Goodell was showcased.

    Every other time any two franchises had personal feuds, whether it be Al Davis and the Chargers, Chiefs or Broncos through the years or the Bears/Packers, etc, the commissioner handled it privately and that was that.

    Goodell is a poor leader. He's a lawyer and a puppet for the owners to try to drive revenue.

    I was onto it from the very beginning. That's the real story of Spygate. How can Goodell try to level the playing field?


    oh boy....

    ur combination or arrogance and paranoid fanatsies is unparalleled

    u make cogent points then u undermine urself with crap like the above

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    Re: Wow This NY owned paper makes me sick

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    OK, so, like all other teams, there is some sort of filming going on the sidelines of NFL games.  The key to this matter is simple: How can they prove the resulting film actually had an impact on the results of games?  They can't!  It has been said all NFL teams change their game plans, plus sideline signals, from game to game so a film of a team last year really has no useful information this year.  How is it the study of game film provided by the NFL is not cheating?  Same thing right?  But, since the league provides it is is different?  When all is said and done, all these folks who continue to bring up this matter are simply upset at the continued success of the Pats ON THE FIELD and use this to bring down the reputation of the team in this manner.

    I've used this rhetoric with Leon and his incarnations:  A kid at the playground loses to the other kids at various games all the time.  Instead of acknowledging they are better than themself, all that kid does is jump up and down scrreaming "cheater, cheater, cheater, cheater!!".  This book represents that attitude.

    yes remember ur own words here next time u are commenting on the giants-pats superbowls

    to wit: all u do is jump up and and down screaming "lucky lucky lucky lucky!!"

    :  ))

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    Re: Wow This NY owned paper makes me sick

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    If it was not out of the ordinary why was there a combined fine of 1m plus loss of a 1st round pick? All coaches did not agree it was nothing:

    John Harbaugh mentions ‘asterisk’ on Belichick’s Super Bowl wins

    Amani Toomer:

    “Tom Brady hasn’t won a Super Bowl since Spygate. If they don’t win another Super Bowl with Brady, with [coach Bill] Belichick, their three Super Bowls that they did win are going to be tainted. It’s going to be like Barry Bonds. You’re going to look at these three Super Bowls with an asterisk because of Spygate.

    "They definitely cheated," said Hines Ward, who will be part of NBC's five-hour pregame show today.

    There are many more examples. Outside of NE they believe Spygate was the reason for the championships. Every year Brady and Belichick don't win a superbowl outside of Spygate the stain will remain. And don't talk about success after Spygate. Without a SB win there is no success. Isn't that why we put down Peyton and the Colts for their many wins but only 1 SB?


    if it makes u feel better i listen to new york sports radio every day and they talk exclusively football on every friday before games during the season and with all those hours of talk and hundreds of callers who are all jets and giants fans for the most part i rarely if ever hear spygate mentioned...i really think it is not nearly as big a deal as u think, certainly not like steroids and baseball records or guys caught gambling...not even close


    who hates the pats and bellichick more than jets fans? and u might hear 2 comments about that for all the calls i hear-they may hate brady and bb and relish in ur defeats and all the usual stuff about those two and the pats but very very little about spying and cheating-giants fans too

    they will call names and rag the pats, etc...but the spy thing just doesn't come up-i have even heard jets fans! say "hey they just got caught everyone does it" and all that-so it isnt really as bad as u think it is-and i am being 100% honest as i have no ax to grind and never cared about it much anyway