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    With Brady in there we scored on seven of eight drives and six of those were touchdowns.  Can't ask for more than that.  Even the defense (after that first 50 yarder) was very good.

    Hmm.  Maybe there was one more at the end that required a punt.  Even so, great!

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    Re: Wow

    This Offense will be scary good... i mean, better that the 2007 offense by the end of the year.

    If this defense gets healthy, they can be good enough to give the team a chance to win the superbowl... front 7 is great vs the run... and is getting better in pass rush...

    we need the starting safetys back !!!! we need DMC at CB !

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    Re: Wow

    In response to Neal Page's comment:

    Run that ball and this is what you'll see.  Run Ridley. Run.

    That simple. Limit the subbing and limit the pass attempts for Brady. Voila.   That's the reason this team lost the SB last year.

    35 passes for Brady.  Jig is up.

    Earth to Rusty.... we ran the ball less than any other game this season. efn, duh.

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    Re: Wow

    Truly an amazing game by Brady today - very few people could of hit on the variety of passes that he completed today. It was a clinic. There were some passes that he made look so easy today, that in reality he won't get much credit for. I remember a game against the Jets a few years back (at home..night game) where he was similar in accuracy and decision making. I thought to, these guys are actually covering well and it looks like the Jets are in the right defense to stop this - yet they were powerless to do so. Today reminded me of that a bit..nothing the Rams could do, you couldn't stop what he was doing.

    Ridley looks like a guy that will get you 1200 yards a year and win you 2-3 games a year by himself (not all by himself, but kind of take control type of thing). If he ran a 4.45 instead of a 4.66, I'd say he would be the type of guy that would get 1400 to 1550 for you and take over five games a year. Nice back, better than Benny, but then again who isn't? It was nice to see him break some longer runs today - again if he had 4.45/4.5 speed he probably would of had 160 yards running today, but I really like his game. Run this kid til his legs fall off.

    I thought the defense played well in man today - I think part of that reason was not having Arrington out there getting exposed. Denard is athletic and can turn and stick with his guy, but man does this secondary have major major problems in zone. Wow, just wow. I think the pass rush leaves a lot to be desired. A lot. The Rams had to pass just about the entire game and we only ended up with two sacks (and most, if not all the pressure came from Jones). That's not going to cut it - not with this secondary. They really really needed a guy like Fenene to pay big dividends - maybe a guy like Pryor will come in and finally help. They need someone from the inside, because right now they got nothing.  

    Good game. Fun to watch Fisher look like he was going to explode or at the very least it looked as if baby spiders were going to crall out of the bags under his eyes...  

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    Re: Wow

    In response to Neal Page's comment:

    I am fairly sure 24 carries is not the "least" nor is the concept of actually doing it or making it a factor.


    Ridley is 5 YPC carry and you're talking about amount of carries?  Do you think they'll have pudding pops for dessert tomorrow or a fruit cup?

    You're the one stammering about "commitment to the run" genius.


    Are you trying to now tell us running the least we ran all season is "commiting to the run"? LMAO@U

    It was the least number of carries.


    Don't EVER cross swords with your betters Rusty. Because you'll just be getting that dum bass of yours handed to you like I just did.

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    Re: Wow

    Offense and defense played great. Brady had his best game of a very good season, he makes it look so easy. 4  TD passes with zero picks, excellent! Ridley ran the ball with attitude, great game for him and the running game. As far as how many runs vs passes goes I think that goes game to game. The Patriots take what the defense gives them, fortunately they can do both, run and pass. Rare in this league. They were almost perfect on offense today against a good defense.