WRs Off-Season Workout With Brady?

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    Re: WRs Off-Season Workout With Brady?

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    I don't understand, they certainly looked like they were on the same page throughout the pre season and the first game against Buffalo.  It looked like it was going to be a match made in heaven until inevitably DA got hurt, then it all went down hill. 

    I know Brady was getting frustrated with the rookies early on and that with DA's injury, Gronk being out may have only exsasperated that frustration.

    DA did work out with Brady in the off-season.  He doesn't strike me as dumb.  He seems like a hard worker and obviously willing to play hurt.  

    I know people don't want to hear this but sometimes I can't help but think the problem is Brady himself.  Or least, partly.  All that talk about earning his trust or he isn't going to throw to you is getting kind of old.  


    And so aint Brady...lol


    Thats the only reason I give him the benefit of the doubt. He KNOWS that he doesnt have Calvin Johnson. He has guys who can barely get open. So they need to be in the exact spot they are supposed to because Brady IS accurate. He had a rough stretch with some off throws but once it came back, he showed his trademark accuracy.

    I think Brady Sees his window closing and just went through a frustrating year. Lets think about it. how many years did Peyton have like Brady just had?  Take away 3 great years w/Moss and Wes and Brady has had to endure years w/Reche Caldwell as his # 1. Trying to get on page w/Joey Galloway. We made him deal with the eddiot Ocho just 2 years ago. We gave him Brandon TATE to Start OUTSIDE for a year! That guy is the 4th or 5th WR in Cincy. We gave him Doug Gabriel. One year he had Dedric Ward and JJ Stokes for christs sake. All these years of having to MAKE players better instead of getting great players has taken its toll IMO, esp. when you factor in the time it takes to break in THREEE ROOKIES! I cant really agree Salcon because behind the scenes, Brady was meeting with the Rooks once a week on OFF days to study film with them so he WAS dedicated but Danny?  Something is up there.

    C'mon man.  Brady has the best WRs in the NFL.  Rusty tells us that all the time.  I mean think about it:  Isiah Stanback, Taylor Price, Tiquan Underwood, Chad Jackson.  These guys are the absolute cream of the crop.  No QB is more spoiled with talented WRs than Tom F'n Brady.


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    Re: WRs Off-Season Workout With Brady?

    C'mon pro, you're letting Rusty get to you a bit.

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    Re: WRs Off-Season Workout With Brady?

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    Yep, and preseason game 2 showed off their chemistry. Then Amendola got hurt, cameback week 1 and got hurt again, and Brady formed a connection with Edelman that Amendola couldn't permeate.

    It was pretty obvious early on that Brady loved Danny. He even told the rookies that he would throw the ball to Danny all game if they didn't do what he wanted, but somewhere along the lines they had a falling out.


    I've read tidbits about that rumor.  Anything to support that or is that just speculation only?

    No clue, I meant he fell out of Brady's radar.

    49 Mark my words i heard the interview down here, something is not right. What i got from it was DA NEEDS TO GET HIS A.....S ON THE SAME PAGE WITH THE QB.

    not to stir the ol' hornets nest but did some guy named Welker ever have a problem getting on the same page with the QB? In 6 years?

    We should ask the same question about Hakeem Nicks. -_-

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