CHB, in 2 separate articles, has refered to American Patriot fans who have traveled to London to see this game as "yahoos".  I wonder what this is all about?  My bet is that he is p!ssed when realising that none of them are treating his drunken @ss as a celebrity.  The man is bitter, bitter about everything.  In his writtings he "sounds" exactly like that bitter alcoholic who hates life and anyone who does not hate life.  For the life of me I do not understand how he can hold a job as a sports journalist given the drivel he writes about.  He never discusses actual sports, always his take, his "feeeeelings" his emotion on a subject that normally has to do with off field stuff related to sports.  Regardless if he's covering the Sox, Pats, Celts or whoever.  Probably has to do this as I assume NONE of the athletes even recognise him anymore given the hatchet jobs he has done in the past.  The guy is a waste of flesh.