Year 2

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    Re: Year 2

    I'm not too concerned with Ryan being exposed opposite Revis, I imagine Dennard will have that spot and Browner when he get off his suspension. Ryan should be able to ease into that role if he's capable of it.

    Personally I think Jaime Collins is the real deal, in fact I haven't been this excited about one of our draft picks in a long time. I think his ceiling is endless. I do agree they will need to add a linebacker or two either in the draft or whatever is left over in free agency.

    I can't picture Buchanon putting on weight and being effective, but then again he basically did nothing last year. Buchanon is a guy who I thought would come in and give us a decent pass rush opposite Chandler Jones...he has that length, he has a burst, he looked athletic...what's he going to be with added weight? A two gap defensive end? Because if he was confused before when all he had to do was pin his ears back and rush upfield, how's he going to do changing positions? I don't remember  them dropping him into coverage as an outside guy, etc.

    I know you like Kline, let's hope he works out because otherwise we will be selecting a center early, and we have other needs.


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    Re: Year 2

    Kline was fairly well thought of coming out of college...I was surprised he was not drafted at all because he had a rep as a tough kid...he'll be a good pro for them at a very low cost...

    Buchanon?...he was supposed to be the real deal until his senior year when things seemed to fall apart for him...he's got a very thin frame and the real problem for him will be gaining weight in his lower body so he can be stout against the run...Crable was never able to do it, he had pencil thin legs and got blown off the can make your upper body very strong but it's extremely difficult to build lower body girth and strength and still maintain need to have the frame for it...I don't think he does....He may never be more than a situational pass rusher...

    Ryan?...did well for a rookie, wilted in the Denver game when he was asked to do too much in the biggest game of the year after the injury to Talib...he should be fine given the chance to learn and gain more experience...

    Collins is already the real problem in year 2...if the jump in  his performance is pronounced from the end of last season he'll make the Pro-Bowl...

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    Re: Year 2

    some place i read where the Pats were happy with wht hey ahve in house  for the oline

    to my untrained eye , i didnt see it at all aginst Denver - Maybe they like Kine now? i thibkj connelyy at cneter abnd cannor at gurqd is better - and we will see on Kline, I hope they get some a DT, DE -(unless Buchanan and armstead can fill the bill, CJ and nink can not play virtually every snap again) One Oline, One TE and a qb???/A


    Pat's Fan lost in Jet Land

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    Re: Year 2

    Health of WR corps including Gronk is vital to this team. Really excited about this defense too.

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    Re: Year 2

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    As with most rookies they need to learn the NFL game.  The game is faster and more detailed.  The WRs got a lot of reps which was good.  The Pats have three very capable WRs.  Collins had an opportunity to watch from the bench most of the year.  This is ideal for rookies.  When Collins got in he showed us what he can do.  Very athletic.  I agree with you that the Pats need another LB or two.  

    Ryan shows a lot of promise.  It will be Dennard in that spot however.  Anybody opposite Revis is going to get thrown at a lot.  But I would think Dennard is up for the challenge.  Ryan gets a chance to learn more and get some playing time.  Perfect setup for a future starting CB.  

    Let's hope the Allen can keep up the good work!

    Buchanon is pretty key and he needs to come through this year for the Pats in a support roll.  Not much you can do with a slight frame below the waste.   It would be great if he could be a key part in the rotation at DE. 

    I'm not that big on Klein.  I hope you're right and I'm wrong.  

    In short second year players usually progress in their sophomore season or they get suspect real quick.  A good example is Bequette.  Will he even be with the team this year?

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    Re: Year 2

    I agree with the sentiments that we NEED depth at LB (that does not mean bodies... they can be had at any time).

    We also NEED depth at DE, especially in pass rush from a 4-3.

    We also need depth at NT OF WE ARE GOING TO PLAY ANY 3-4. But a good aspect to the 3-4 is that we then have more depth at LB because Nink and Jones could essentially be OLBs.

    Overlooked (intentionally as per the starting post) is the development of the OTHER 2 WRs. I suspect people are selling Thomkins short. He looks to me to be a good jack of all trades master of none type of WR. The last nice player like that was Branch. I have less confidence that Boyce will grow into a good and reliable player but less in this case means I think he has a good chance. He could be our next David Patten. Not a bad role and not asking too much. LaFell could be the new Givens. If Dobson can be a valuable starter with his size and range and good hands and you add to that a reasonably healthy Amendola and Julian AND if you add to that a reasonably healthy Gronk and a reasonably healthy Vereen this will be an offense with more solid targets for Brady than perhaps any QB in the league will have.

    The maturing of Dobson AND either Boyce or Thompkins will be huge if it materializes.


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    Re: Year 2

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    yes, I left out the next few players entering 2nd year...


    Thompkins-I dont think he makes the team


    Harmon-I think he struggles making the progression in year 2 and is challenged by Chung and a potential draft choice

    Agree on Thompkins.  I don't think he will make the team, either.  I think he over-achieved last year.

    I think Harmon showed good things last year.  I'm cautiously optimistic that he will win the starting SS role and play well there.

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    Re: Year 2

    On Thompkins I'm going to say you just don't know.  He got a lot of playing time and got to learn the NFL game.  He's miles ahead of anything that comes on board if the Pats do indeed take a WR in the draft.  I don't think they will go that route.  Especially with the needs they currently have.  DE, DT, TE, backup LBs and OL.  That's a lot to shoot for.

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    Re: Year 2

    Either Thompkins or Boyce do not make this team . . .  one of the two will develop and one of the two will end up losing their position to a drafted WR or LaFell.  Dobson will be out 6 games because of that foot . . . then he will be moved in slowly and be the regular wide-out by the playoffs.
    A lot will be expected of Collins and a lot will be delivered this season

    I'm sure Develin makes the team as the short yard guy, the blocking back and maybe a little time at Tight End

    Logan Ryan gets a lot of special team play  . . . and plays mostly as a backup role at CB behind Revis, Dennard, and Browner . . . but he keeps developing!

    Harmon starts the year off as the backup but ends up starting at the safety position

    Allen will become one of the top 3 in the NFL at his position

    Beauharnais and Foston end up being cut

    Chris Jones , Vallino and Buchanan continue to improve and fill in as reliable backups for the season

    Either Chris Baker or Kline make this team but not both . .  . it will be who comes in ready to play and wants it more.