"Yee Haw, Jester's Dead" - Goose 'Top Gun'

(Yes, I know I changed the apostrophe to reflect my feelings and to accurately type the quote - ask your English teacher.)

I forgot to add that in the 4th Q of the game discussion last night.  TB hates the Jesters, so so I.  Mostly because the HC Ryan is such a Head Clown - like his Dad.  This kind of leadership needs to change on Wall Street and it needs to change on the Jesters sideline.  I saw a lot of cheap shots from the Jesters and I am grateful that the Patriots won in such a classy, convincing manner.

I am not on Boston.Com much since the "liberal" (actually, they're NOT liberal - just check their editorial page) NYT purchased them and harshly forced the labor into cuts AND since they denuded a once independent voice, so I am not here much, but I like One Sport and ONE Team:  Go Patriots!