What about our O ? We can only put up 21 points against the fins ? only 17 pts against the recently assembled Saints secondary? 

I do agree the D is struggling, but the key issue is lack of a a running game on O (impacting the time of possesion putting the D back on the field leading to game end fatigue) and sub-par play of Brady.. The 2 interceptions he threw against the fins looked like he was throwing to the fins directly.. The last straw interception against the Saints was thrown into a region with NO pats around for 10s of yards.. 

Brady is my #2 QB after Montana, but he has really struggled and played quite crappily this year. Hopefully this is not a permanent decline and he'll recover to play in a couple of championships for the pats down the road.. 

As fans we want the best from these pros, but we seem to dish it out quite generously against all players except Brady.