You Can't win every week but...

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    You Can't win every week but...

    Sometimes even great teams lose. It was unrealistic to expect the Pats to go 16-0 in the regular season again so they were always going to lose a couple. Today is 1 and hopefully they bounce back next week. A couple of worrying issues that I see are no real pressure on the opposition QB and the O line being unable to handle aggressive defences that really pressure Brady. Same problem that cost the superbowl victory 2 years ago. In 2003 and 2004 every body was saying how do you beat the Colts high powered offense. Until they came into Foxboro and played a team prepared to roll up their sleeves and play smash mouth football. The Pats nowadays seem to rely on a similar  high powered offense that the Colts had in 2003 and 2004 and very rarely or don't seem to be able to handle aggressive tough teams that are prepared to play smash mouth football and really go after Brady.

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    Re: You Can't win every week but...

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    Sometimes even great teams lose.
    Posted by Brad34

    STOP IT!  Just STOP IT!  This is NOT a great team.  Why do you choose to believe it is so?  What have they shown you (i.e. performance) that would make you believe such?  For all you know, Buffalo will end up at the bottom of the pack...indicating that the Patriots managed to come back against a terrible team.

    You can't win every week, but you can play like winners every week.  Unfortunately, the Patriots have played like losers.  Fortunately, they have come out of it 1-1.  However, if they chooose to trade 3-fot-7 against the better teams, they will soon be out of contention.