you just can't boo Adam Vinitari

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    Re: you just can't boo Adam Vinitari

    Boos directed at Adam were pretty robust at the stadium yesterday. Though I'm in the" always a fan of Adam and waht he did when playing for the Pats" category- He was nothing but money- and that's what lured him away.

    I didn't join the boofest but I get it and apprecite Pats fans for it.   Years later- fans aren't forgiving or forgetting. Leaving for the Colts and playing with Peyton was viewed as a betrayal by most- including me.

    I've mellowed over the years- and appreciate the talent Vinitari brings to the game of football.  I enjoyed seeing Adam back at Gillette, even wearing the horseshoe.  Pats game play was the best kind of talk directed at the future HOF turncoat. I'm thinking he probably missed us quite a lot as he rested on the sidelines watching the Pats score and score and then score some more.

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    Re: you just can't boo Adam Vinitari

    In response to 49Patriots' comment:

    Like I said, I wouldn't boo him, but I don't see why other people shouldn't. He had 29 other teams he could have gone to, excluding the Jets and the Colts, but he chose to go out to Indy.

    Don't care what people do to him as long as he has on that Colt jersey, when he takes it off I'll stand by him.

    29 other teams didnt offer him a contract. 


    Guy is a kicker. He's not going to get megadeals. This isn't just a game for him it's also his career. He wasn't a traitor. If you gave me the option between taking way less money to remain with my job, or go to a rival company who will compensate me better and help me provide for my family, I would take the latter.

    He didn't leave the Pats as much as they let him walk away. Some people tend to forget that this isn't just a game for these players. This is how they put meals on the table, pay taxes, etc.


    If it were up to me (which it's not) I cheer him for the first kick as a sign of respect, then boo him the rest of the game as he is the opposition afterall

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    Re: you just can't boo Adam Vinitari

    Even Parcells said he could be a bobbyorr or a Larry bird in ne folk lore but he went to a rival.  Amazing kick in the snow but he wanted to finish his career in a dome kicking on mostly turf.  To me some of the dazzle hasworn off.  He's a Colt to me now.   

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    Re: you just can't boo Adam Vinitari

    Let's not rewrite history here. AV was offered money that would make him the highest paid kicker in the game by the Pats. He didn't think his butt was getting kissed exactly the right way it should and he signed with the Colts without even letting the Pats make a counter offer.

    Appreciate him as a great kicker. But he isn't a Patriot. New Englanders don't like Benedict Arnolds.