You said Brady was the GOAT....

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    Re: You said Brady was the GOAT....

    In response to PapaJohn18's comment:

    Has anyone noticed how Brady's playoff performance has declined since his SB years? He has rarely come up in the clutch for us since 2005. Is he getting a free pass now because of those 4 early years?

    2005- Throws near pick 6 and loses vs Denver

    2006- Throws 3 picks vs Chargers and gets baiiled out. Loses 18 point halftime lead and throws pick to end the game

    2007- Mediocre game vs Chargers. Only puts up 14 vs an average Giants defense despite having the record for most points scored ever.

    2009- Lays an egg vs Baltimore at home

    2010- Repeats the previous years performance vs the Jets at home

    2011- Only puts up 17 points vs Giants and throws a critical 4th quarter INT

    2012- Awful game vs Baltimore

    2013- Gets outplayed by Manning and misses crucial deep balls to open receivers

    The offense averaged 17.8 PPG in those 8 losses.




    I notice that the Pats aren't nearly as good, when they aren't cheating.



    Its time for you to grow up and realize, nobody really cares about the patriots anymore.........Laughing


    Wow, you are some kind of loser. I come on this site a few minutes a day and you are posting trash on just about every thread. Do you have a job? You are either unemployed or a teenager who skips school so you can use Dad's computer to troll around. You need to get a life.