Your Patriots Mock Draft

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    Your Patriots Mock Draft

    Rd. 1- #22 Devin McCourty, CB                     5'11 193 lbs.

    Rd. 2- #44 Jahvid Best, RB                           5'10 199 lbs.
             #47 Ricky Sapp, OLB                          6'4 252 lbs.
             #53 Brandon LaFell, WR                       6'3 211 lbs.

    Rd. 4- #119 Jimmy Graham, TE                       6'6 260 lbs.

    Rd. 6- #190 Myron Rolle, SS                          6'2 215 lbs.
             #205 Zoltan Mesko, P                          6'5 240 lbs.

    Rd.7- #229 LeGarrette Blount, RB                    6'1 241 lbs.
            #231 Manase Tonga, FB                        5'11 245 lbs.
            #247 Trindon Holliday, KR/PR                  5'5 166 lbs.
            #248 Cameron Sheffield, OLB                  6'3 257 lbs.
            #250 Ben Burney, CB                             5'11 202 lbs.
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    Re: Your Patriots Mock Draft

    deman-  This is one of MANY NFL mock drafts/Patriots mock drafts here!  No reason to start ANOTHER thread!
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    Re: Your Patriots Mock Draft

    To ALL:

    Honestly WhyTH should I trust a guy named deman, some dude's football knowledge when he's named Low-FB-IQ, some guy that probably NEVER did a mock draft before in Faucetman (wink), and some guys NFL Draft know-how from overseas in PatsEng...  Honestly, I thought there was some idi#tic thread already on this l#ser CB from Rutgers named Devin McCourty, but when I searched for it on this very site, ALL I got was these silly novice posters, touting off about him over and over...  Heck, I didn't even bother reading even 1 off their crazy posts about this guy, why waste my time...

    Then again, perhaps these 4 posters actually KNOW something that the rest of us Do Not...

    NO Cornerback in this 2010 Draft Class Impresses me MORE than Devin McCourty from Rutger's University.  NOT the guys who are ranked ahead of McCourty either...not even #1 rated CB Joe Haden from Florida, and certainly NOT Kyle Wilson of Boise State.  
         FIRST, Joe Haden:  Currently, NO player has a greater polished complete skill-set as a Cornerback in this 2010 Draft Class than Joe Haden, BUT Do I want him...nope, gimme McCourty instead (yes really).  Something about me says, that Haden is a great athlete and currently the best shut-down CB...but idk, something to me says that Haden ain't a FOOTBALL player with a cutthroat nature & insane instincts (which is different than "insane athleticism")...AGAIN, gimme McCourty at a reduced (i.e. farther down & less costly) Draft Selection, to boot.
         SECOND, Kyle Wilson:  Currently, NO player has a greater range of "potential" game-changing skills imo as BOTH a ball-hawking Cornerback and a Kick Returner as well, BUT Do I want him...nope, gimme McCourty once again.  RE: Wilson, something about me says, Great Skills to at least "Potentially" completely alter a game by returning a kick for a TD, or getting an INT and taking it back to the house.  AND likewise, something about me says, Gambling Loud-Mouth who won't ever sacrifice to make a tackle or play tough team-D, BUT will ALWAYS try to go for the big INT.  I don't want at best, Asante #2.0, at worst-Cromartie #2.0...Not on my team (yes, really).  Once again, gimme McCourty, and once again at a potentially lower draft selection and less-costly price in picks and money.

    ~AND First, HERE'S WHY There's NOTHING Special about Devin McCourty:

    IS McCourty a freak ball-hawk and Interception Machine?  Nope.
    IS McCourty either the biggest, strongest, or fastest CB in the Draft?  Nope.
    IS McCourty possessing a flawlessly totally-rounded skill set as Haden?  Nope.
    IS McCourty possessing the trully game-altering aspects of ball-hawking or as a kickoff return specialist as Wilson?  Nope.

    ~THIS is Devin McCourty...

    >McCourty is a 5'11 194lb Cornerback.
    >McCourty plays for the Big East's toughest #1 cold-weather Defense.
    >McCourty has played in ALL 4 years, and as a Starting CB for 3 years.
    >McCourty notched 80 Tackles, 7.5 TFLs, and 10 PBU as a Senior.
    >McCoury's 80 TT's was 1 away from the team-lead at ALL defensive positions.
    >McCourty plays on Special Teams.
    >McCourty averaged 25.4 yards on limited kickoff returns.
    >McCourty averaged an insane almost 20 yards on limited punt returns.
    >McCourty has blocked 7 career kick on the defensive Special Team's side.
    >McCourty won SEVERAL seperate academic honors last season alone.
    >McCourty is a team multi-year leader.
    >McCourty by all and any accounts, LOVES to play the game of Football...Loves it.
    >McCourty dominated the wideouts he covered @ The Senior Bowl (practice & game).
    >McCourty (according to was the top CB performer @ The Combine in the 40-yard dash, Broad Jump, 3-Cone Drill, & The 20 Yard-Shuttle.
    >McCourty can play man-press coverage, off-man coverage and zone defense.
    >McCourty in press-man plays tenacious and physical with the WRs while jamming them @ the LOS and is fast enough to recover.
    >McCourty in off-man is fluid in pedaling in reverse, quick enough to jump a short WR route on a 3-step QB drop, intelligent enough to read routes and body language, and aware enough to react off BOTH the QB and the WR. 
    >McCourty in zone, Is intelligent enough to know his own and any surrounding defender's coverage-bubbles, especially knowledgeable and aware with multiple wideouts in his area, and when another wideout is attempting to sink in a soft-spot behind him-when noone's in his zone, He even free-lances in run and pass-support and/or overall baiting of the oppossing QB.
    >McCourty has excellent read & react/closing & recovery skills: Again, extremely quick to recover, superb agility and body control, and intelligent and aware enough to jump routes, but also NOT to bite on such things like stop and go routes, ball-fakes, etc..
    >McCourty is excellent in Both tackling and overall run-support: WILL sacrifice body to make the tough tackle, WILL take the time to react off the play- hold up his man and thus turn the play inside, WILL take the time to attack things like screen-passes...And overall, IS an extremely fundamental tackler overall, Rarely misses, and gives up very few YAC on pass-plays.

    ~So again...WhatTH does those 4 posters who've been already talking about this dude for some time already, know...well, maybe they've known something that the rest of Us ALL previously missed.