Zbellino School of Football

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    Zbellino School of Football

    Listen up - This is from another thread but is too good to be left buried there:

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    I disagree that a.) NE was 1 dimensional last season. 

    b.) You need to run the football in order to win. 

    c.) That running BJGE more would have made a lick of difference in decisive losses. Getting Gronk back in the SB would have made a decisive difference. Welker and Brady connecting on a pass would have, Hern and Welk not have a few drops a piece, BJGE running better on his reps. That makes a differnce.

    There is no "magic game plan" .... you win based on execution first ... 90% of football is execution. 

    Why can't you just admit that instead of stubbornly trying to wriggle and wrangle around games that are anomalous to your "theory." Like this game ... ro the Ravens loss where they ran and ran and ran and still the defense collapsed. 

    Here is what I say and I repeat most of these for the 100000th time.

    1.) First and foremost. There is no magic game plan -- sometimes passing twice as much as you run is a good game plan. Sometimes running 45-50 of the time is a good game plan. It DEPENDS ON THE TEAM AND SITUATION. Balance for balance sake is just silly. If they ran 50% of the time in the first 3 quarters this week ... they would not have had all those points. The Texans can be thrown against and are hard to run against. It's about MATCHUPS. 

    2.) Run pass balance is dictated by situtation not abstract and arbitrary ratios. You don't run on 3rd and 9 just to say you are balanced. 

    3.) PA/misdirection etc gains effectiveness based on how good you are at selling it and how much of a threat your RB is to the defense. Running more ... but running terribly won't make defenders "bite".

    4.) Running more does nothing to improve the defense, getting better defenders improve the defense. Better defense improves defense. 

    5.) 90% of football is EXECUTION and gameplans minor changes (4 plays here or there) are meaningless compared to 4 plays poorly or well executed .... which creates a MAJOR swing. 

    It's you that pushes your argument waaay past where it should end man. Running the football is not the sole deciding factor in whether a team wins or loses. And the number of times you run is usually based on the kind of situations you find yourself in rather than arbitary wishes of fans.

    Sorry... I have coached and played. That's how it works dude. 

    And for the record I love the improved (ie more effective, not more reps) running game .... but it is meaningless compared to how much an improved defense increases stands to increase their chances. 

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    Re: Zbellino School of Football

    Q the 5 Rustys

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    Re: Zbellino School of Football

    In response to tcal2-'s comment:

    Q the 5 Rustys

    hey guys

    you see my thread?

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    Re: Zbellino School of Football

    Yep football experts, former players, former coaches are all wrong and this team is no more balanced then they were last year. Yep, none of them comment how this team is much more dangerous this year because the Pats are committing to the running game and it's giving teams fits, both because the Pats play calling has been unpredictable (see Hou absolutely biting on PA) but also because the Pats have added weapons to close out games late. Yep, the running game hasn't been any different since previous years in how/when it's used and it's solely the change out of Ridley for BJGE.

    I think I'll leave it to the Grudens of the world (you know the actually guy who got paid millions to coach and win a SB) to say that this running game has had a big affect on the Pats much more so then last year in how/when it's used, commitment too, and also personal

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    Re: Zbellino School of Football



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    Re: Zbellino School of Football

    That's right, if you can't win the argument on merit, resort to personal insults.  LMAO.

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    Re: Zbellino School of Football

    "There is no "magic game plan" .... you win based on execution first ... 90% of football is execution. "

    Is the right statement here.... but they need the skill and attitude to execute it and committment of coach to call the play.

    It showed last night .... first three possessions they executed and made plays. the next 3-4 series they had miscues (drops, not accurate throws, etc). Same coaches, similar calls but different results.

    When the offense executes and is on their game, no one and I mean no one can stop them.

    When the D executes they get the opponent off the field. Of course there is more to the game, Coaches putting players in the right position, picking the right player to be in the game, but it really comes down to execution.

    BB did not have players in Cleveland to execute and no matter his message, coaching, or play calling he could not win because he lacked execution. 

    This is synergistic, one does not win on play calling or coaching or execution, they win when all three come together. In the ultimate team sport, the coaching and prep and execution are a team unto itself. So you NEED to execute....

    Which poster said this, or which ones want to point fingers is not the point of the post. It is a statement that is true and needs to be heeded the rest of the way this season. EXECUTE AND PATS WIN, this means, players, coaches and fans. We all have a part to do.

    That is why I love the game and the way the Patriots play it.

    Now I just hope Dennard, Talib and Stallworth can go next week.

    It was nice to get back Mankins, they did a great job inside last night. If Gronk comes back next week, then we will see a whole different game plan and I hope they EXECUTE that one.

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    Re: Zbellino School of Football

    I don't think this is rocket science. I think the idea of Balance and the statements by Z can co exist well. I think the Pats are in a position where they can get match ups and game plans that have possitive play solutions in the run and pass categories. At one point the little zip screens etc was our running game so to speak. But I think this year with Ridley Vareen and Woodhead, we have a catalog of run plays that are viable answers to offensive situations where we may have used pass plays. I think this makes us more balanced. We can attack a teams weaknesses with so many options. We can be gameplan(per game and situation) specific, without trying to run for runnings sake. I think in the begining of the year, say the first 3 games, you might run for the sake of it because you need it on tape, or you need to see what you truly have. But I think now we just have the ability to exploit a teams weaknesses from more angles because we have a more balanced team.

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    Re: Zbellino School of Football

    No offense makes the most with what they have than the Pats. They run to keep the other guy from throwing out the nickel and cover 2. The O Line does a great job in pass protection and Brady rips the blitz. It's not so much balance as it is exploiting the mismatches (which is what it always about on offense) against opposing Ds. The offensive gameplan is tailored to defeat a specific defense in a very specific way. If the Pats run for 100+ yrds or throw for 280+ make little or no difference on how touches a split as long as they win because the gameplan is tailored to defeat the other team not to be statistically perfect.

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    Re: Zbellino School of Football

    Gronk wasn't there, but Lloyd, Welker, Hern, and Stallworth where as well as Vereen, Ridley, bolden etc. Much better mix of players than last year. 

    Gronk really would have helped last week, by the way.

    A lot of these "arguments" by posters who think they're smarter than the pats' coaches are possible only if you ignore all the complex details that actually are important. That's what Zbellino is saying. If you reduce football to simplistic formulae, you may be able make an "argument" that sounds convincing, but it's convincing only because you're ignoring details that you'd only know if you had all the information at your disposal that the coaches have.

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    Re: Zbellino School of Football

    In response to RockScully's comment:

    Umm, I just bluedgoened Z in another thread. To sit here after last night and then claim we "weren't one dimensional" last year is a joke. I like Z, but his arrogance on this topic leaves a lot to be desired. It really does.  After last night, this is not the time to dig yourself a bigger hole.

    Here's something that will sting and sting badly, but it's undeniable:

    In SB 46, for all intents and purposes, Gronkowski was not there. In this game last night, he wasn't there.  Case closed. If they ran their offense like this in the SB and weren't immediately in a finesse, shotgun spread as the approach, we WIN the SB. Painful to admit, but it's the truth.   Houston's front line is as every bit as good as the NYGs is.

    I love how I called all of this and somehow I am not right in my analysis. You trolls/irrationals are pathetic. Even Hurlie somewhat just capitulated in another thread. Gee, how come none of you Washers didn't take my very simple bet in this game?

    Again, I know why.

    35 passes for Brady last night, Irrationals/Washers. 35. Brady was reined in and under Center. Debate over.


    So you think if this wasn't a blow out there wouldn't have been more than 35 passes to try to win?... so much context comes with that number.  This isn't baseball where they set a pitch count for a player and plan on pulling him when he goes over. Its a scewed bet, no one is going to take because most of us understand why and how a QB reaches 40 or so attempts.

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    Re: Zbellino School of Football

    A good offense will take advantage what the opponents' defefense gives them and then exploits it. Last night, Brady tore the Texans a new one with the spread offense with a some running plays mixed in.


    Next week against the 49ers, that plan may not work.

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    Re: Zbellino School of Football

    This is for the cheer leader... Mighty.


    The guys who are arguing with me about the statements I made below are the very same guys who actually made these statements. Hold yourselves accountable and take a long look.

    Balance has been instrumental in leading us to 1 of the best offense's in NFL history(might be the best ever by years end), the O-line in fact does not suk, we do in fact have talent because we do in fact have a great GM, DMC does not suk, Mayo does not suk, our defense does not suk....oh and we do not need a deep threat.

    We just needed to no longer be a finesse pass heavy offense and we are not. We need to keep defense's guessing and we are. There is no magic ratio for winning, but Zbo trying to say the game plan has nothing to do with executiion is wrong and is a result of him being backed into a corner.

    The chances of executing are increased significantly by having an offense that can beat you in different ways. A one dimensional offense has a lesser chance of succeeding and especially in the post season. If you deny this then you might as well sell off all your belongings, strap on a piece of cardboard that says "the end is near" and wait for December 21st to hit because there is absolutely no hope for you.


    Unfortunatley mayo just isn't very good.

    Neither is McCourty, or those problem guys Dennard and Talib.

    VW is slowing down too, and hightower looked lost as usual.

    Tom Brady showed he doesn't need a running game ever and if McD is smart he will employ a heavy dose of the shotgun spread in the playoffs and keep that bum running game off the field.

    But he isn't smart and he suks as an offensive co.

    Our O-line is also garbage and we have no talent on offense.

    We desperately need a deep threat but our bum GM Bill Belichick has failed at the team building concept and inherited all of his Super Bowl rosters.

    Oh yeah and those red white and blue uniforms that represent the United States of America are ugly and should be burned.

    In short....this team suks.