Zolak: "It Took Me A Long Time To See It"

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    Tell us all, FiddyK, what other 120 catch WRs are "binkies" for their QB.  And would a 25 carry a game RB be a "binky"?

    Pretty sure if you open dictionary to binkie, it will say...  undersized receiver who catches abnormal amount of short, quick timing passes, to the exclusion of most other receivers that do not get open in the same areas of the field...  Thereby creating a dependence which is hard to see since the obvious  production totals cloud the thinking of casual observers.

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    In regards to Brady's addiction to Welker. On 98.5 right now.


    I get mocked and mocked, but I saw it 2 years ago.  A caller calling in right now saying the same things.

    It's out there folks.  

    The caller just referenced BB A Football Life with "Moss and Welker" and nothing else in 2009, as an example of Brady's addictions in the shotgun spread base.


    BB drafted two TEs in 2010.   He tried to fix it. He dealt Moss. He tried to fix it. He did.


    Brady just kept going back to one main binky, his best friend, Wes.    Anyway, I think people are really starting to finally come around with what is transpiring here.  We all but have NE Patriots employees on the radio telling everyone why BB walked from Welkie and why the Deion Branch, Moss or Gaffneys haven't been invited into camp.

    A Binky Free workzone for Brady in 2013 and I am loving it so far.


    What a pathetic troll.


    The worst of them all, anywhere.