Zombies anyone?

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    Zombies anyone?

    Free agent WR Brandon Lloyd stars in an upcoming zombie movie called "After Effect."

    Maybe now we know why Lloyd has rejected inquiries from at least six NFL teams, including the desperate Patriots. He landed a role in this direct-to-DVD movie as Sargent Chuck Lloyd. The movie stars Daniel Baldwin. Lloyd is just 32 years old and posted a 70/966/5 line last year, but he appears done with the NFL.
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    Re: Zombies anyone?

    Good for him. He seemed like a good guy even if wierd and if so the NFL did him dirty. Im glad he rejected the NFL!




    "Take care of my B*tch, I may need her back in a couple years"

    Brady to Manning after Wes signed with Denver

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    Re: Zombies anyone?

    In the middle of reading WWZ.....pretty good, but not spectacular...yet.

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    Re: Zombies anyone?