Just made this on another board and got inspired by another poster to share it here:

www.redsoxnationfans.com/images/icons/buch.png" alt="buch" title="buch" /> Another west cost transplant (oakland/berkeley)

born and raised red sox fan (in providence, r.i.)

all-time fav - luis tiant (loooo-eeeee. if he wasnt like 45 years old [his advertised age was b.s.] he would have probably pitched in 4 games and brought us home our first championship [instead of winning just 3 games in the series]. to this day, that reds team is considered the best of all time, without mentioning we lost to them by 1 run in game 7 [with only 1 good pitcher, 45 approx. and all www.redsoxnationfans.com/images/smilies/SEVeyesC08_th.gif" border="0" alt="" title="smile" /> ]. every game except game 1, where we blew them up 6-0, and game 5 where they won by 4, were 1 run games. it could have just as easily gone the other way.). " Maybe Sparky Anderson, said it best when he said of the Reds: 'We are the best team in baseball;. But not by much '".

2nd alltime fav carlton fisk,
third, dewey evans,
next rice, pedro, david, manny.

you can tell when i started watching baseball.
glad to hear you guys arent into any of that insecure childish back and forth in a lot of places on sports boards.

fun time to be a sports fan (new england sports fan i mean in particular).

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"You can talk about anybody else on that team (1975 Boston Red Sox) you want to, but when the chips are on the line, Luis Tiant is the greatest competitor I've ever seen." - Hall of Fame Pitcher Jim Palmer

comparison between Mr Tiant and Mr Hunter

stats from baseballreference.com

Jim Hunter
Wins Losses ERA Games GS CG SH IP SO
224 166 3.26 500 476 181 42 3449.1 2012
Luis Tiant
Wins Losses ERA Games GS CG SH IP SO
229 172 3.30 573 484 187 49 3486.1 2416
Wins- Tiant
Losses Hunter
ERA Hunter
Games Tiant
Games Started Tiant
Complete Games Tiant
Shutouts Tiant
Innings Pitched Tiant
Strikeouts Tiant

based on that EL Tiante Should Be in the HOF

facebook page to get luis in the hall:
Luis Tiant should be in the Hall of Fame!


Known for his spirited personality and acrobatic delivery, Luis Tiant consistently baffled American League hitters during his seven years with the Red Sox.

“El Tiante” was one of only five pitchers to complete four straight shutouts and once threw 163 pitches in one game, confirming his reputation as a competitor and a workhorse. There will never again be a pitcher quite like Tiant, who could effortlessly turn his body completely away from the batter and still deliver a perfect strike

film on tiant:
lost son of havana

the great reggie in 72' against el tiante

what i remember as a kid, in the ws, before every pitch, his motion turning completely with his back to the the batter, then looking straight up at the sky, then delivering a strike (and with a heart seemingly as big as the world).

to think, i gave all those baseball cards away.
shouldn't have listened to the adults. should've kept them.
still have the memories www.redsoxnationfans.com/images/smilies/SEVeyesC08_th.gif" border="0" alt="" title="smile" /> www.redsoxnationfans.com/images/smilies/SEVeyesC08_th.gif" border="0" alt="" title="smile" />

www.redsoxdiehard.com/players/pics/eltiante.jpg" border="0" alt="" />
I met "El Tiante" on a recent trip to Cooperstown. Unlike many
former major leaguers who were charging for their autographs or pictures,
Tiant and a few others asked only that fans donate a few dollars
to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

SAVANNAH, GA. - At 58, Luis Tiant's trademark Fu Manchu mustache is full of gray, and his black pullover jersey strains to hold his ample belly. But he still can baffle hitters with his corkscrew delivery, the number on his back visible to the batter, as always, before every pitch.

full article: http://www.redsoxdiehard.com/players/tiant.html