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    Tonight against the Athletics, yet another boffo performance by that most boffo of all pithcers, Timmy Wakefield.  Not only was tonight's disaster over within the first hour, it appeared that he tried to burn out the entire bullpen for tomorrow's doubleheader.  It is going to be a long day and night and Fenway, and Timmy just added to it tonight. 

    Just give it up Timmy.   Number 200 is coming a greater expense than what any Red Sox fan anticipated.
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    I feel he should be moved to the bullpen.

    If he really was such a great team guy, he would step aside and become a "staff saver" by pitching out of the 'pen in blowouts, at least until he redeems himself.

    44 years old, so many keep saying knuckleballers can pitch 'till they are 50. Well, maybe some can. Wakefield has been holding this team back. Yankee fans must love him, because he is keeping them in the race.

    What is more important, this team winning a championship or Tim's 200th win? Time to put the personal goals on hold. Maybe he'll find it again...but he's definatley "lost it" at this point.