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    Re: Umpire Joe West must go!!!

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    #1. Since when is it alright for umpires to push and shove team managers??? If a player or manager even looks at an umpire wrong, they are fined or suspended. ButtHole joe west should be fined severly and suspended without pay a month or two for his actions last night in Fenway. #2. The next time joe west (especially him in particular) or any other umpire pushes and shoves Francona- I better see every Red Sox player in that ballpark getting on that field and kicking the s*** out of the umpire!  That really pissed me off to see Francona out there getting pushed and shoved by the biggest ButtHole umpire in the game, and NOBODY went out there and beat west down-ESPECIALLY in FENWAY!!!  I bet, if Pedro Martinez were still around, he would have went out there and threw west to the ground like he did to don zimmer a few years ago. Maybe joe west needs a few "accidental" four-seam fastball wild pitches to the head by one of our hard-throwing pitchers the next time he is stationed behind the plate, just to let him know he will NEVER do that to our manager again, especially in Fenway! If joe doesn't get fired or retire soon, he is going to run across the wrong player or manager one day and his A** is going to get beat down. MLB needs to terminate joe west, period!
    Posted by VirginiaRedSox
    hey VRS, be careful or may be getting an angry letter from his publicist...Tongue out