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    Willy Modesto Pena

    I thought Willy Mo was out of baseball, or at least I was hoping he never got into baseball.  If he had not been around, then possibly the pretty boy GM, would not have dealt Bronson Arroyo for someone who could not hit.

    You theo lovers have a short memory.   I hope you all learned a lesson, the lesson is:  never trade pitching.  Don't even trade a pitcher who has done well at fenway for another pitcher.  I hope theo learned his lesson....we shall see.

    Willy Mo is playing in the bigs again, at least for the short term.
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    Re: Willy Modesto Pena

    Wily Mo was a potential star while Bronson Arroyo is still an average pitcher in the MLB. Pena never really had a chance to develop his hitting skills in the minors throughout his career. This year he hit .356 with 21 HR's and 62 RBI's before getting called up to the Dbacks. He's also still only 29 yrs old and still has a chance to improve.


    good article by Jeff Passan