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    Anyone see Youka interviewed after he drove in the winning run tonite. He said it is great over here ---we are having fun and caring about each other. I do not think anyone is having fun on the Red Sox...and maybe that is the issue and not injuries.
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    Re: Youka

    And you believe that b*llsh*t about these guys "caring about each other?"

    Wave  $10-12 million or more in front of me and I'll start loving my fellow employees like never before. In fact, leaving for work might actually be a happy occasion.

    Some of the big superstars make more money than a few small countries, the midrange players are makng more money than Hall of Famers from  the 60's and 70's made, the low level players are in a much higher tax bracket than any of us will ever see.

    When I hear about how "we're having fun" and  "we care about each other" and all that nonsense , I just want to vomit.

    With the guaranteed contracts, perks and all the comforts of home ( a very nice home!), these guys should complain?...It is enough to make you sick when you hear about how this player is unhappy and that guy is a clubhouse distraction. I mean , if these are that unhappy  maybe they should get a real job and find out how the other 99.9% live! Who is forcing them to play a kid's game and get CEO level pay?

    I really love hearing about how we have '"unhappy" ballplayers. That is really too much!