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    FBB League for 2013 - on Fleaflicker

    Unless we're able to get a hold of Dragon, we'll have to start over :-( (bye bye extra 1st round pick).


    I've set up a league over on Fleaflicker, where there are much better settings and controls available to manage the league.


    League name is BDC, Password is redsox


    I'll set up roster requirements and scoring later, but wanted to get this set up real quick.  We can discuss specific rules in the days ahead (Number of keepers, scoring system, etc)


    I'd prefer to do a point system for scoring instead of head to head categories like we had last year, since you can't game the scoring system like we saw done last season.  anyway, join the league, get others to join the league (I can add team spots, currently it's set up for 12).



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    Re: FBB League for 2013 - on Fleaflicker