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    For Other Leagues

    After the abysmal start to the notin venture into the BDC fantasy baseball league, we decided to do a little "house cleaning" at the ol' Notin, Inc. headquarters.  As we were dragging them out, kicking and screaming, we made a little discovery - apparently Notin, Inc. employs a psychic!

    She's a cute little blond woman named Maya who was raised by a family of wild koalas in the backwoods of Australia.  She comes by her gift naturally, as her birth mother was a physicist and her birth father was psychotic.  A poor family, they couldn't afford proper Tarot Cards, so Maya learned to do her divinations using Topps baseball cards.  Long story short, we are back in business.

    So after drubbing  the first place team this week, we decided to see what Maya had to say.  Using her predictions in the BDC League certainly gives a curveball to her crystal ball, since nearly every worthwhile player in MLB is already taken in that league.  So those of you with other leagues can benefit from her thrid eye.

    This week, Mayab has divined that Marco Scutaro has a hot streak coming. In your other leagues, grab him if he is available, and stash him until the streak hits.  (Since he is only owned in 14% of Yahoo Leagues, he should be there for most of you.)

    Anyway, we have no idea when the hot streak begins or what to expect.  We just found Maya this morning, and don't know yet what to make of her.  We will keep her prediction coming as long as she gets them, and let you all know.

    Unless she isn't very good, and then we have to do more housecleaning. 

    And break out the old Magic 8 Ball... 
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    Re: For Other Leagues

    I will be looking for this Maya - maybe she can help me with my pitching.