Last week we debuted predictions from the Notin, Inc resident psychic, Maya.  For her debut, she predicted a good pickup would be Marco Scutaro.  We laughed.  You ddid too.  Admit it.

Well, with the week in the books except for Sunday, Scutaro is hitting .381 / .409 / .500 for the week with 6 RS and a SB.  Not too shabby.  We had slightly loftier expectation from Maya, but we'll take it.

Maya has insisted she can do better.  She is insisting that this is the week to make a strong play for Jemile Weeks, as his bat has some serious zap in it waiting to be let loose.   Weeks is currently owned in 67% of all Yahoo leagues, including the BDC league, so try and steal him from those guys mistakenly stashing him on the bench in other leagues. 

Frankly, we don't get Maya's infatuation with middle infielders.  But this is what she is giving us.   We want some serious meat out of her soon, or she will get replaced with a Magic 8-ball...