Hey guys. I am in a couple of dynasty leagues right now...one is a 16 team and the other a 24 team league. Both leagues consist of a lot of the same owners. Me and 2 other guys are looking to start a new deep dynasty league but wanted to do it with some new blood. This would be a salary cap league using TSN Mixed league prices. Would be a head to head points league with multiple weekly matchups. Depending on the number of owners (we would like 18+), there will be 15-20 minor league slots to go along with 25 MLB slots.

We are looking for only absolute die hard fantasy owners. We are spoiled with leagues that have almost 24/7 365 action. To start the league would have 2 drafts, one to draft your MLB rosters, and the other your Minor League rosters.

If you are interested let me know. If you have more specific questions I can answer as best as possible but we haven't put together all the rules yet since we aren't sure if we can get enough owners.