Our amazing 10-year-old daughter and avid Red Sox Fan Anna Katherine has Type 1 diabetes, never once complaining of her condition.  We recently entered a video contest sponsored by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), and her video made the top 10!  Now the public votes, with the winner earning a spot in a national diabetes outreach campaign!  This 'American-Idol-like' contest has been a great family bonding experience, and has helped us realize we are not alone in our struggles.  Voting takes seconds, with no spam e-mails generated.  Red Sox Nation, please go to www.StopDiabetes.com and vote for Anna Katherine!  View all 10 of the 30 sec videos, they are all great!  Many thanks, from this Louisianan family (fav all-time player - Dewey!)  Please vote today, voting ends Jan 24, 2011