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    Political Thread

    Since the Aug 3 game thread indicated a desire to delve into political discussions I thought a place outside of the baseball section ought to be devoted to those discussions. Well, here it is. Perhaps the mods or mod would care to move political posts on over here so that folks who wish to continue complaining....I mean discussing baseball can do so on baseball threads.
    Have at it.
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    Re: Political Thread

    Pumpsie, we are fellow Marinites ! I don't know your political persuasion but I think you'll agree that San Francisco, county and city, one and the same — proudly represented by the nation’s most powerful female politician — Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Democrats consistently ride to victory in landslides: Obama had 84 percent in 2008 and Kerry had 83 percent in ’04. This is no doubt the bluest part of a blue state — California has more representation (15 percent) on our list of the most liberal places in the U.S. than any other state in the union.

    Yes it is politically liberal but also was known as being socially liberal with Haight Asbury, free love in the 60's, huge Gay areas of Castro & Polk Sts. etc., topless bars on Broadway etc.

    I copy & paste this from this from the "Take a Break from the Forum" discussion.
    I am not an Obama fan but as you'll read I don't believe sports forums are the places to discuss my feelings but when he/liberals/democrats do something to adversely affect our military/troops, my blood boils.

    Incredible that the poster most guilty, I think, of introducing politics and making anti-Obama/Liberal remarks is Navy Bill-806 and he is not to be seen on this thread. Bill, and anyone else interested, please know I am a former Marine and we are basically the Navy's infantry.  In fact, my paychecks said “Department of the Navy”. I am a conservative and am not an Obama fan but sports forums are not the place to discuss these matters.  Bill, with the extremely biased way you feel, make sure you get people to vote in November &, hopefully, they’ll be a regime change.

    But as this is a sports forum, I include our troops as being athletes and heroes and when I just learned Friday that Obama is using our tax dollars to sue the state of Ohio in an effort to limit the early military vote, I find this quite egregious & disrespectfull to our troops.  Because the military has 24/7 type schedules, US voting laws allow them to post their votes up to 3 days prior to election day. Obama is anticipating a close vote for the 18 electoral votes in Ohio so they are pulling out all the stops to hope to win that state by introducing this, I think !!!  Mea Culpa for discussing politics but I reiterate that our troops are as important as athletes/heroes as our sports players.
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    Re: Political Thread

    Mando... you gotta be kidding me. Romey's campaign basically admitted that there is no part of that lawsuit which prohibits anyone from voting, period. The purpose of the law suit is to allow EARLY voting, particularly for the troops, in an attempt to expand voting. No offense, but you should check more than one source next time, since even Fox News has said that the claims about Obama restricting Military voting are bogus.
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    Re: Political Thread

      Romney is a liar.  And he is a draft dodging COWARD.  How dare this piece of yellow garbage pretend to speak on behalf of military personnel. 
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    Re: Political Thread

    You people do know there is a 'political forum' on BDC?

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    Re: Political Thread

    In response to ZILLAGOD's comment:

    You people do know there is a 'political forum' on BDC?


    Looks like BDC is giving the Red Sox posters a chance to talk politics here as well.

    I think it is also a way to help stop threads...esp.game threads...from dissolving into political discussions.

    IMO it is a pretty good idea.