I just wanted to post a thank you to the Red Sox Ambassador for sending me a Fan Pack. I work for a Colonel who is a die-hard Yankees fan and he forbid me from ever mentioning the Red Sox (in fun of course). I wanted something to "rub in his face" that I got from the Red Sox (maybe an autographed ball, jersey, something). I really did not expect them to even reply to me but I am one who always believes in askinig as you cannot receive something if nobody knows you are wanting something. They sent me a Fan Pack which had a photo of Pedroia, a bag of Fenway dirt, a bumper sticker, and a bracelet. While it was not anythign I could gloat to the Colonel about, at least it was something. Many places would have never sent a letter. So, thank you Red Sox for taking the time to send me the items in Afghanistan.

If anyone has any other items that I could use to stick it to the Colonel, send me an email and I will provide you with the mailing address where I am stationed in Afghanistan. If you do not have any items such as that, but would like to send a Soldier a care package, I will also serve as the point of contact for that. My unit leaves in a few months. My email address is ccpd206@yahoo.com

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!!