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@ 431, who said the KID can't hit ???????

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    Re: @ 431, who said the KID can't hit ???????

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         Only 20 years old, he will get stronger and the skills will get better.........  The Sox better hold on to this guy, IGGY is the real deal !!!     What say you ???    >RESPECT


    Wow the attendance down at McCoy has really dropped off since this kid left.  Management is walking around  passing out free tickets once the game starts.


    Should pick up with Bogaerts, and maybe Ranaudo soon.

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    Re: @ 431, who said the KID can't hit ???????

    Bill you were right man, preach! 

    Giving you full credit on this one, I'm not sure Iggy is a great hitter or ever will be one but he hits well enough for a guy like me who loves a great defensive shortstop. 

    You called it and I give you props, because you called it when Iggy's numbers were unacceptably low. You saw something and/or had faith. 

    But: this team's offense has not generally been a problem (except for clutch hitting in certain situations). 

    The problem we have is even Iggy's good hitting and great D doesn't help with guys are bashing Lester's pitches 30 feet above Iggy's head. Meanwhile Buchy can't stay's kind of the fears I had in the offseason coming to life. I hate to say thankfully we have Lackey but I guess that's what we're down to. Then we have a closer problem. 

    Iggy is great but our problems, aside from needing more from Middlebrooks or a slugger like him, are pitching.

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