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So, MR. DICE-K, I heard that the SASEBO DRAGONS wants to give the RED $OX 50MIL$$$.... Bill-806
8:54 AM
6 1079 days ago by MichFan
Yes, A Repetitive Post, but Why is DiceK Pitching Anymore? ADG
3:47 PM
25 1079 days ago by FenwayJimmy
Tonights Starting Pitchers RedSox @ Tampa Bay, Game#150.. 56redsox
11:12 AM
2 1079 days ago by 56redsox
Banned again for posting 2 harmless threads: a. Tuesday Night Game Thread b. RIP 2012 RS Season: RS have been mathematically eliminated from postseason contention-Play the blame game! And the praise game! I followed BDC policies/Back to posters he$$! 2004Idiots
3:24 PM
357 1079 days ago by EnchiladaT
Hi All, I am not sure if I was banned but just in case I was I thought I would still make a post in hopes that you would all read it, J-Bay says it is okay. I hope that if I was banned you don't find it annoying I continue to post but I APPOLOGISE for having to put them in the OP because it is the only way I can be heard. I wanted to upload some Forest Gump shaking hands wiht BV photos, and I wanted to upload some articles and comments made by others wihtout giving them credit, ao again I APPOLOGISE sincerely to all of those who might be FREAKING annoyed by my manner and approach. I humbly ask that you forgive me so that I dont have to continue to act like an AZZ day in and day out. I hope my buddy Bill-806 understands I love him. EnchiladaT
10:48 AM
440 1079 days ago by EnchiladaT
Rays won't Go Away TrotterNixon
2:02 AM
20 1079 days ago by susan250
Pawtucket Vs. Reno AAA National Championship on TV Soxchemistry
10:06 AM
28 1079 days ago by moonslav59
Orioles and Rays boboinfla
6:40 PM
16 1079 days ago by moonslav59
A very BIG offseason and 2013 coming up. Lots of questions need to be answered makonikyman
12:18 PM
15 1079 days ago by jasko2248
If 04 Idio And The Board Dose Not Mind I Will Post The Game Threads Until He And Steinbrenner Work Things Out.. 56redsox
10:20 PM
4 1079 days ago by joel49
Apologies to fellow posters-I have been banned therefore I will provide the lineup for gamethread in headlineRed Sox lineup v. Archer: Ciriaco, Ellsbury, Pedroia, Ross, Loney, Saltalamacchia (DH), Lavarnway, Nava, Iglesias. Matsuzaka. - 2004Idiots
4:04 PM
35 1079 days ago by 56redsox
AGon's bounce back has fizzled tom-uk
9:11 AM
35 1080 days ago by slasher9
I’m optimistic/ the future looks very bright-for the following reasons: 2004Idiots
2:28 PM
3 1080 days ago by slasher9
Vote for Salty in 2013! ma6dragon9
8:54 AM
44 1080 days ago by moonslav59
2004IDIO is gone, vanished, vaporised, "TRANSFORMED"........ WHY ???????? Bill-806
8:54 AM
41 1080 days ago by 2004Idiots
Hello CARLTON FISK !! A 3 run HR & 4 RBI's,,,,,, Bill-806
9:26 AM
25 1080 days ago by 2004Idiots
More realistic 2013 roster craze4sox
10:28 AM
56 1080 days ago by moonslav59
Pitching + a left/right middle combo bosoxmal
9:36 PM
31 1080 days ago by moonslav59
Jerry Sands Flapjack07
10:14 AM
25 1080 days ago by moonslav59
Josh Beckett thrown out from right at first! DaBlade
11:04 AM
31 1080 days ago by seabeachfred
MLB investigating Jay's player for wearing eye black with a slur mrmojo1120
8:33 AM
23 1081 days ago by J-BAY
"Big Mouth" Bobby (Again) charliedarling
7:30 AM
32 1081 days ago by JimfromFlorida
Have you checked the A's schedule? Wicked good... MadMc44
8:14 AM
4 1081 days ago by hill55
Time to shut Bard down charliedarling
3:49 PM
10 1081 days ago by GoUconn13
Troy Tulowitzki rightymclefty
12:48 PM
72 1081 days ago by moonslav59