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Conspiracy theory: Why did overhaul this forum during one of the Red Sox's most devastating seasons since 1997. Afraid of criticism? Would they have done this if the Sox were in the pennant race? 2004Idiots
3:22 PM
466 1344 days ago by 2004Idiots
I Dont Care How Many Pitches BUCH Threw Tonight.... 56redsox
11:05 PM
13 1344 days ago by GoUconn13
It's Obvious to Me that Jeter is a Cheater RickyRetardo
10:52 AM
1 1344 days ago by RickyRetardo
Gomez-Loney--Best 9 players/hitters the rest of the way... MadMc44
7:37 AM
23 1344 days ago by snakeoil123
I thought this was pretty cool mrmojo1120
8:16 AM
3 1345 days ago by S5
Well, Its official.... southpaw777
2:17 AM
12 1345 days ago by charliedarling
Punto doubters are crying in their beer! Outslugging the ALL-STAR A-Gon redsoxdirtdog
12:25 AM
2 1345 days ago by southpaw777
Game Thread RedSox(68-82@Tampa Bay(79-70) Thursday 9/20/12.... 56redsox
3:32 PM
98 1345 days ago by mryazz
Is Ike Davis a Possibility ? lstboss
6:16 PM
16 1345 days ago by notin
Tonight's Lineup:Red Sox lineup v. Price: Ciriaco (CF), Pedroia, Ross (DH), Lavarnway, Gomez 1B, Aviles (3B), Nava, Podsednik, Iglesias. Buchholz. Gomez at 1st in 2013? 2004Idiots
4:53 PM
24 1345 days ago by seabeachfred
So umm. this new site is horrible. snakeoil123
8:25 PM
28 1345 days ago by snakeoil123
Once and for all, Shut Bard Down! ADG
9:48 AM
28 1345 days ago by moonslav59
Is Miller hurt or in the same doghouse as Aceves? MadMc44
6:38 AM
12 1345 days ago by seabeachfred
Spring Training in September bosoxmal
7:26 PM
6 1345 days ago by seabeachfred
With Just A Few Weeks Left In The BV Error, RedSox Owner John Henry Has A Parting Gift For BV.. 56redsox
12:24 PM
17 1345 days ago by 56redsox
11,722??? SinceYaz
12:09 PM
48 1345 days ago by TheExaminer
Just for the record...... This board is dead !!!! Bill-806
6:27 PM
48 1345 days ago by pumpsie-green
So, MR. DICE-K, I heard that the SASEBO DRAGONS wants to give the RED $OX 50MIL$$$.... Bill-806
8:54 AM
6 1345 days ago by MichFan
Yes, A Repetitive Post, but Why is DiceK Pitching Anymore? ADG
3:47 PM
25 1345 days ago by FenwayJimmy
Tonights Starting Pitchers RedSox @ Tampa Bay, Game#150.. 56redsox
11:12 AM
2 1345 days ago by 56redsox
Banned again for posting 2 harmless threads: a. Tuesday Night Game Thread b. RIP 2012 RS Season: RS have been mathematically eliminated from postseason contention-Play the blame game! And the praise game! I followed BDC policies/Back to posters he$$! 2004Idiots
3:24 PM
357 1345 days ago by EnchiladaT
Hi All, I am not sure if I was banned but just in case I was I thought I would still make a post in hopes that you would all read it, J-Bay says it is okay. I hope that if I was banned you don't find it annoying I continue to post but I APPOLOGISE for having to put them in the OP because it is the only way I can be heard. I wanted to upload some Forest Gump shaking hands wiht BV photos, and I wanted to upload some articles and comments made by others wihtout giving them credit, ao again I APPOLOGISE sincerely to all of those who might be FREAKING annoyed by my manner and approach. I humbly ask that you forgive me so that I dont have to continue to act like an AZZ day in and day out. I hope my buddy Bill-806 understands I love him. EnchiladaT
10:48 AM
440 1345 days ago by EnchiladaT
Rays won't Go Away TrotterNixon
2:02 AM
20 1345 days ago by susan250
Pawtucket Vs. Reno AAA National Championship on TV Soxchemistry
10:06 AM
28 1346 days ago by moonslav59
Orioles and Rays boboinfla
6:40 PM
16 1346 days ago by moonslav59