The article by Peter Abraham, although brief, is quite interesting. Brings back great memories.

Perhaps of interest, ask any oldtimer to recite the 1946 starting nine, and many would say Vern Stephens at 3B.  But it wasn't until 1948 that Jr. joined the Sox.  It was Rip Russell, who batted only .208,  that played 3B in 1946.  After four years with the Cubs, he played for the Sox in '46 & '47.Photo of Rip Russell





And then of course the recently acquired from the Tigers, the Big Indian, Rudolph Preston 'Rudy' York at 1B.Photo of Rudy York  Rudy hit a very respectable .276 with 17 homers in 1946.





But my favorite, at the time, playing right field, Catfish Metkovich.  Perhaps it had something to do with the uniqueness of his name; it most certainly had nothing to do with his modest batting average of .246.  But following the World Series, the Catfish moved on and played for the Indians in 1947 for a year, and then the White Sox followed by the Pirates, Cubs, and Braves.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a pic in Red Sox garb.


It wasn't until 1949 was I able to fill my 'favorite slot' with the likeable Allen Lee 'Zeke' Zarilla who, acquired from the St. Louis Browns, hit a commendable .281 in 1949.  But that's a story for another day.

Photo of Al Zarilla


So until next time, happy trails, and GO SOX.