Most of us stated our team needed more pitching going into last season moon.  

Actually, I was in the minority when calling for a #1-2 slot starter (by this I meant a top 20-60 MLB starter out of the 150 pitchers in the 30 team's starting rotations of 5).

Many here wanted a RH'd power bat or thought we needed pen help or a solid 4-5 slot starter.

Many said we needed Beckett, Lester and Buch to do well, and if they didn't, we had little chance anyways. I made the point that our big 3 had never all had a healthy & big season at the same time, and so planning on it to happen in 2012 was unrealistic, and we should plan accordingly. We did not. We "planned" on Doubront, Morales, Bard, Cook & Dice-K to pick up the slack if 1 or 2 faltered. The first two actually did OK, but they are not Top of Rotation type starters just yet. 

I also said it was a mistake to move Bard and Aceves from their comfort zones.

These were just a few of the things I got right about 2012. I got way more wrong.