2013 Lineup?

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    Re: 2013 Lineup?

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    I think the current roster is already more of a team than at any time last season, and they haven't even had their first official full team workout!!!


    On paper, our team was better on opening day 2012 than it is now.






    Beckett also yapped about it being the best team ever.

    How that work out?

    We all know how it worked out, but the fact is that team (at the time) was better on paper than this year's team is now (on paper). 

    SP) Beckett>Dempster

    SP) Bard > Lackey

    CL) Bailey<Hanrahan

    1B) AGon>Napoli

    LF) CC>Gomes/Sweeney

    RF) CRoss/Sweeeny< Victorino


    Looking back now, we may flip some of these arrows, but after 2013, we might flip them back the other way as well.

    This team may have more "heart" and less "cancer in the clubhouse", but projecting 2013 based on their recent 2-3 year performances and trends does not look as good as what we expected last February.

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    Re: 2013 Lineup?

    Just like Pike and night Pike....kimsaythis.

    When "day Pike" turns to "night pike" can we just call them "Turnpike"?

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    Re: 2013 Lineup?

    I know a lot of folks have been talking about Napoli's mediocre career BA, but my understanding is he's a pretty high obp guy (lots of walks) and, obviously, the one thing he's got going for him over Gonzo is the fact he's a righty. The Sox have been missing a righty power bat to hit behind Papi since the Manny glory days.

    Also, while the Sox did hit a lot last year, it seemed to me that they left a ton of guys stranded on the basepaths, especially in key moments. Moon, you're a big stat guy, do you have the figures for this groups average with runners in scoring position.