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2013 v. 2014, Ellsbury v. Bradley

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    Re: 2013 v. 2014, Ellsbury v. Bradley

    In response to chetgnat's comment:

    some people have no vision. they probably opposed the 2012 house cleaning as well, because they aren't able to accept short-term losses for longer-term success. just can't do it. not capable. incapable. uncapable. not able. unable. can't do. just whine. waaaahhh... ellsbury... waaahhh....  LOL. just s.t.frackup.

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    It made no sense to re-sign Ellsbury in the off-season.  With 3 months in the books, it would've made even less sense.  You never try to outbid the NYY for a player, especially when you have a good substitute.

    An absolute no-brainer.