He's had poor run support, but I do wonder where all the happy-about-signing-Dempster posters have gone.



In hindsight, had we traded Lester for Myers, we'd be looking better both now and longterm (even if we signed Dempster).


I was never happy about the signing but he filled a need. So far he's been almost exactly what i thought he would be, a solid #5 who will take the ball every 5th day and eat some innings. As far as 5th starters go i don't think there are many better ones in the AL. that said, I'm looking to trade Dempster in the offseason knowing that we have 3-5 guys in the minors who will be looking to take that spot at low cost and probably give similar production.

I get your point aboutz filling a need, but 5th starters should not get paid $26.5M/2. We could have used that money elsewhere. I know we had big questions about Buch, Lester, and Lackey, so I get the reasoning, but there were other options (not all worked out this year for the teams taking those other options, I might add).