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You won't catch me complaining about anything the following people do: Ells, Pedey, Gonzo, Youk, Reddick, Salty, Tek, Lester, Beckett, Bard, Tito, Epstein (you prefer Cashman ?), Wake (even Lackey - try working at a top level with personal tragedy in your family) and Scutaro. (I don't include Papi only because he's so one dimensional so I moan about him in silence - but he is what he is and I love watching him). You play every day, you have assorted aches and pains that no fan ever hears about, as management you make decisions on the basis of what you know, and then you have people sounding off who have little or no clue of the realities. (Case in point - imagine the ruckus about Ellsbury's missed opportunities last night if he hadn't been such a hero lately !)This is by far the most exciting team in baseball. As for me, I'm gonna lie back and enjoy it while it lasts. 
Posted by Big-E

Maybe the complainers are bored at work and have nothing else to do. Maybe they aren't really Red Sox fans. Who knows. Maybe it's in their DNA and they look for a cloud in a perfectly clear sky.