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50 games is not enough

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    50 games is not enough

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Boston Red Sox pitchers Gerson Bautista and Miguel Pena have been suspended for 50 games each following positive tests under baseball's minor league drug prevention and treatment program.

    Pena, a 22-year-old left-hander, had a second positive test for a drug of abuse. He is 1-1 with a 3.46 ERA in three starts this season.

    Gerson Bautista, a 17-year-old right-hander, tested positive for Metabolites of Stanozolol. His suspension will start when the Dominican Summer League season begins.

    There have been 15 suspensions this year under the minor league program.


    If MLB is ever going to rid the game of this stuff, they will have to impose punishment that is harsher than 50 game suspensions.  They are going to have to suspend these players for remainder of year - and make them test frequently during their next year back - they test positive again - banned from baseball.  That would end this stuff.

    Look how young these guys are.  This is just sad.

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    Re: 50 games is not enough

    Its sad when a young 17yr old KID has to resprt to steroids. His body isnt even done organically growing yet for crying out loud...Not sure whos around these kids (They play in the DSL) so I know that stuff runs amuck down there..

    Heavy suspensions of 50 games, then 100, then no more MLB dream.

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    Re: 50 games is not enough

    I have a hard time considering a 50 game suspension light.  In the NHL, the suspension for targeting somebody's head with a cheap shot elbow (a move that has ended multiple careers) is 4-5 games. 

    Im not saying that 50 games gets the job done, Im just saying that there are worse injustices.

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    Re: 50 games is not enough

    With the money some of the players get,it's worth the risk to use PEDs.Especially coming from a poor background like a lot of the Latin players do.The risk is far less than the possible reward and it will continue until MLB comes down hard on those who get caught.

      If it were up to me,and it isn't,the first time would be a year long suspension.The second time would be banned from MLB and all it's associated leagues.