8- ZIP

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    I dont care if workman has options, we need to put the best team on field and win games. Either badenhop goes to AAA and figures his stuff out or he can hit the market. we really dont need a guy who cant get hitters out. Especially when we have one who can in workman. 3 ip tonight 3 k's 1 hit 0 runs. badnehop 2.1 5 hits 4 earned runs 1 bb 0 k's. hmmmm.....tough one.

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    Re: 8- ZIP

    Roberts looked good on that last play.  Nice back hand catch nice throw.

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    Re: 8- ZIP

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    and that is why u do not hit a strike out prone, inconsistent hitter like gomes at the leadoff spot. I dont know how much longer farrell is going to pretend nava and gomes are leadoff hitters. Pretty obvious to anyone with a brain and 2 eyes that JF's experiement has failed. I would hit bradley leadoff over those 2. Either throw sizemore back at leadoff or give bradley a shot. Also, get burke badenhop off this team asap. He has had one decent year in his career and is a strike thrower with no stuff. He has got lit up both times out and workman has been lights out. No way workman should be sent down for breslow. He has earned his spot on this team, badenhop on the other hand has played his way off of it. 

    I hate to jump the gun early in the season but I agree on Badenslop.  That guy isn't fooling anyone, he looks terrible.  When Breslow is ready DL him ASAP.