Just wanted my fellow posters to know that I got into a near-fisticuffs situation by standing up for Jackie Bradley and against Yankee troll cancer in a NYC pastaraunt this evening....I have the scars to prove it, but it does not matter...I hope that kid goes 4 for 4 on Monday...Why??? Because I am sick of all the partisanship on this site, and in the world at large..Even though I am a diehard Yankee fan, I do not want to see any young kid like JBJ do poorly..I don't want to see him go 0 for 4 on Monday...And I do not want to see him make any bad plays in the field...Or tear his meniscus after a slide by the MVP likes of Vernon "I am certainly not David' Wells.... Or get sent down by Red Sox management after the game because they can therefore delay his free agent coming out party...Or break his fibula in a freak benches-emptying brawl...And I absolutely do not want him to do anything that might give either softlaw95 or moon an advantage in a forum thread....This kid was obviously destined for Bill-like greatness, so who am I as a Yankee fan to demean him??? I say, perish the thought!!! And I also say there should be more self-less posts like mine on the forum because we would all get along better...If my message tonight gets through, we will all be better as people, and not as posts!!! And if this post gets censored, I will never ever speak to JBJ again in my life!!!