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Lucas Harrell is younger than Alfredo Aceves and Juan Carlos Linares and only 13 months older than Ryan Lavarnway. Harrell's 2012 WAR of 2.5 would have ranked second on the Red Sox pitching staff. Harrell, the No. 2 starter in the Houston rotation, remains under team control through the 2017 season, including this year and next at the league minimum salary.

Alfredo Aceves represents an underwater asset with his 2013 salary of his conduct, his $2.65 million salary and his performance since last season. The Red Sox would need to offset Aceves' negative value by adding players of value. Drake Britton, who turns 24 in a month, is coming off two dismal minor league seasons. Juan Carlos Linares is a 27 year old playing at Double A. Nearly 26-year-old Ryan Lavarnway is a less attractive option than Houston's same-age catcher, Jason Castro (whose Stanford pedigree rivals Lavarnway's Yale background). 

No way do the Astro make that deal, even if the Sox pay half of Aceves' salary of $2.65 million.

Castro is Lavarnway without any power.  Why is that more attractive?  So he can conserve energy for his game-calling?

Jason Castro has the skills that made him a first-round pick in 2008 when Ryan Lavarnway went in the sixth round and the skills that made him Baseball America's No. 53 prospect in 2009 and No. 41 prospect in 2010 while Lavarnway has never impressed enough for a BA ranking.

Castro's sample of MLB stats may not be impressive, but Lavarnway's small sample of MLB stats raises red flags.