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A Happy Fan ... because I can be one

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    Re: A Happy Fan ... because I can be one

    To all of you very kind SF area friends, thanks for the tips.  The natural surroundings are beautiful and we enjoyed the short stay as sight see-ers.  Did not stay for the parade, to be honest.  But we did have a jam packed time.  Loved the architecture, camera battery wore down as we finished our time at Golden Gate  ... 

    Sitting in comfy hotel in Monterey as we finish the night and a good pizza and some wings. 

    Interesting moment in SF - I ran into a fella on Pier 39 who stopped me and asked if I remembered Bill Lee.  I was wearing my red Red Sox jacket, so I guess I was obvious fair game ... Of course I remembered Spaceman, and we talked briefly.  It was a fun moment - but only a moment after we parted did I think to ask if my momentary friend was any of you guys ...especially if it might have actually been our own SpacemanEphus ....   I regret to have not asked.  (In my defense, we were actively seeking a restroom for the wife and then were heading out...)

    If that was you, Space ... both hello and a shucks I didn't take a moment more at least ...



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    Re: A Happy Fan ... because I can be one

    In response to selenium-'s comment:

    You forgot to comment about the Liverpool team and the NASCAR involvement. At least the NESN ratings are being buoyed with the Bruins.  Have you ever seen science fiction movies, watched NASCAR, or listened to rock? There are other things to do. Hang in there pal.


    True and I have many areas of interest.  In sports, the C's and college football come in 2nd & 3rd ... pro football a close 4th.  But there is nothing close to the special place the Sox have in my heart and attention.  I think about the Sox close to 365 ... even if it is only in passing.   Diving & snorkeling, fishing, shelling   are all other hobbies.  Lots of reading, writing and .... napping.  :o)

    Recently I've been rebuilding a msic collection that has been ignored =- -to put it lightly.

    And ... with the good wife ... sailing - uh - yard saling

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    Re: A Happy Fan ... because I can be one

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    +1 SY


    Since I'm having Mexican right now in SF,  gracias!


    We're gonna join the throngs at China Town tomorrow for Chinese New Year Parade.  Craziness.  :o)

    I smiled at your suggestion Nieves might be the starters agent.  Then thinking again, he sorta  better be!  He is trying to get the best out of these guys ...


    I lived nearby (Mountain View, next to Palo Alto) for 3 yrs. Try to check this place out in Sausalito; great food & scenery:









    Guaymas(upscale Mexican food with direct view of Alcatraz & SF skyline) is on the Tiburon Penninsula next to Belvedere about 5 miles north from Sausalito. But, if one wishes to visit both Sausalito & Tiburon w/o a car, there is a Ferry from the Ferry Building at the base of Market St.